Miles Redd for Ballard

Y’all know I love some Ballard Designs.

Their newest collaborator is Miles Redd. I’ve seen him on Instagram and Pinterest but he wasn’t as well known to me as some of the others they’ve featured recently.

His New York house was featured on How to Decorate and his new collection is all over the Ballard site. I picked a few pictures to share of his home that I really enjoyed. You can see the rest here.


I loved this style window on his staircase!


Also – the black lacquer kitchen is really cool.

It’s not a huge collection but has some cool pieces. I picked just a few that I really liked. Some of his bigger furniture pieces areΒ a bit art-Deco/modern for me. I really love the wallpaper that it was styled with in the magazine. I think that got me more than the new collection did :).

MR 1

I really liked the dining chair and the side table.

I like the mirror too but think if I purchase one, it will be the Atoll mirror. I’m dying for the wallpaper used in the shoots!

atoll mirror


What do you think? Do you like this collection? Do you like Miles’s style?


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