Some of the most-liked photos on my Instagram are photos of my Mom’s house. I asked on there and you said you’d like to see more of it – so here we go.

First, my mom is super Traditional (probably where I get it from). My whole family wishes we lived in an English castle/country house, so you’ll probably see that theme throughout this post.

We didn’t always live in this house but we lived here the longest that I was at home. I grew up in a small town in North Carolina where we drove around and went to Wal-Mart on Friday nights.  Essentially – in the words of Luke Bryan – “We rode in trucks”.

I don’t think this style house was very typical of the 90’s in the small town where I lived nor is it typical now.  I remember thinking as a child that my house was beautiful and I hope Gigi has that same feeling too as she grows up.

Hope you enjoy!

Foyer and one of my most liked Instagram photos to date!


This is the den. We always have a beautiful Christmas tree in here and family functions usually happened in this room. I believe the ceilings are 20 feet! Lots of chinoiserie touches in here and my parents sectional has been recovered several times.

dining rm

The dining room is one of my favorites and those curtains are a beautiful fabric. Mom has some chair covers made for the host chairs in that same material. I’ve always love the rust color in this room and the fireplace is beautiful and so cozy. I love a fireplace in a dining room.  The table is inlaid and I’ve always loved it.


The kitchen has recently been re-done. They added granite countertops and painted the cabinets white (they were a pickled wood) and painted a light yellow on the walls. For most of my childhood, this room was a pretty turquoise. The island is a marble dining room table that my parents found at a junk shop and had it made into the island.


Off the kitchen is the mudroom. They also added granite in here and painted the bottom cabinet this gorgeous blue. And I absolutely adore that Thibault wallpaper in the hall bathroom.


The library is gorgeous too. I painted my foyer this same Benjamin Moore color.

living rm mom

Next, is the den. A beautiful #blueandwhiteforever room but (sorry to call you out, Mom!) we were not really allowed in here as kids. I don’t blame her though! 🙂


I thought I would also include a picture of my room. It’s changed a bit since I moved out but I always had those curtains and the green was bright and happy!

So – that’s about it! Some of these are some listing photos they had taken and some are mine! Hope you enjoyed the tour of my childhood home!

What did your childhood home look like? Did you have a favorite room?



4 thoughts on “Home

  1. All I can say…when can I move in?? You family home is absolutely stunning and your mom has exquite taste! I see where you get yours from. Thank you so much for sharing!

    My childhood home was a ranch style with orange shag carpet for the longest time. It was the 70s. 😉 My mom redecorated with mint greens and blue & white when I was in junior high and I fell in love with traditional decor.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Jennifer. I really appreciate you checking it out!! Sounds like your Mom did some awesome redecorating! It’s funny how when I was young I thought my house was pretty but thought that home décor was “boring” then.


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