Christmas in July

I love decorating my house for a season, but the ultimate for me is Christmas. I feel like Christmas decorations make a house feel alive and totally different than the rest of the year.

I’m totally that person that gets sad when they have to take down their Christmas decorations after Christmas – or January 10th – whatever :). I also may or may not put them up in November. It is a lot of work to just enjoy for one month – amIright?

So,  I’ve seen some fun Christmas in July sales online and apparently Hallmark is playing Christmas movies so I thought this post would be fun.

I’m going to share a few pictures from my  house last Christmas and some inspiration for this year. Hope you enjoy!


Gigi has her own tree and I just can’t with this picture from 3.5 years ago!


Christmas at Mom’s house is also magical!





xmas mantle

My grandmother and great-grandmother always had these elves on their mantles so now I do too. I’ve added to the collection with a few new ones. It’s caused a bit of confusion with our Elf on the Shelf too!

Below there’s a bit of Pinterest pins too that I’m liking for the upcoming Christmas season.


Rach Parcell from Pink Peonies house last year was so beautiful! Love the 3 trees. 

I think this may be the year we splurge on Christmas sheets! 😊

Love decorating outside too!

And lastly, a little English country christmas! 

Do you like the Christmas in July theme? Are you already thinking about holiday decorating? 


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