For the Love of pattern

I feel like the 90s are really making a comeback. Brass, wallpaper, and fun patterns are replacing the minimalism of the 2000s. I never thought wallpaper went out, especially a fun pattern in a powder room. I had a friend at work a few years ago sneer as I checked out wallpaper samples on a lunch break. He was a guy, after all!

I really love pattern play and when the theme takes over a room. I remember the first time I saw pattern play in my own home when my Mom re-did my bedroom when I was a teenager. Green check bedspread, pink and green floral curtains and a matching solid ottoman for the desk. I loved it! 

My mom’s house has always had an English country theme and they are the masters of the stripe, floral, check in a coordinating or matching colorway. 

I’m also loving the way designers are using the same pattern for the wallpaper, bedspread, and curtains. Mark D. Sikes and Mario Buatta come to mind. Do you like repeating patterns in a room? 

Mari Buatta used this technique in this phot from Architectural Digest in Pat Atschul’s bedroom. 

I also looove this amazing red dining room from Mark D. Sikes! The curtains, contrasting sizes of buffalo check, and framed wallpaper panels are just so good! 

There are also ways to repeat with a little less intensity😊. 

*Images via Pinterest


4 thoughts on “For the Love of pattern

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