Guest Room Inspiration

The only room I haven’t shown in my house tour is the guest room. The reason? It’s the least loved room in the house! I know a lot of people focus on that room first, especially if they have guests coming to stay. Well – we’ve lived here three years and are just now getting around to it!

We’ve finally purchased and rug and are still finalizing the concept.

This is what it looks like today… twin beds, striped coverlets and a seagrass rug. I love the faux bamboo mirror that I got for my birthday!

I like the idea of a totally blue and white room. Part of me does wonder if it’s a little trendy? I love blue and white and think it’s timeless but it’s definitely having a moment right now.  If you know me, the word “trend” makes me run far, far away. However, I’ve purchased other trendy things – the fiddle leaf fig comes to mind.

I usually have to warm up to trends (whether it be in clothes or home dΓ©cor or hairstyles) and by the time I go through with it, it’s no longer trendy. Which is perfectly fine with me!

So while blue and white is having a moment for friends, dΓ©cor enthusiasts like myself and interior designers….I’ll likely still be having a moment with it in 10 years :).

Here’s some inspiration photos that I’m thinking about. Got any I haven’t pinned or ideas I haven’t considered? Leave them in the comments below! πŸ™‚

Want to see more of my house? Take the tour here — Living Room Part One – The Before… The wrong shade of green?  The Foyer  The Kitchen  Bedroom Part One – Desk/Vanity Nook   Bedroom Part Deux – The Other Nooks  Gigi’s Room Tour  Master Bedroom Finale  Home Tour -The Porch

*Inspiration photos via Pinterest. 



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