What’s in my bag -work edition! 

I love to read these types of posts so I thought I would try it out. It’s fun to peek into someone else’s life and see how they keep organized

To be honest, I’m always struggling to organize something. My car, a drawer, the toy explosion – whatever🙂. You’d think the bigger the bag, the bigger the mess. But ever since I got this bag for my birthday, I’m finally able to carry everything I need in one bag and feel much more organized. 

Here’s what it looked like yesterday in my cube. This photo is not styled! I always style up my photos for Insta and my blog but that is not the point of this post! 

It also holds my laptop for work too. 

First, I took my makeup to work to put it on in the bathroom because #reallife.  Love that Tarte makeup bag I got for free from Ulta. 

Also in my bag, my wallet and 6 key pouch. The key pouch functions as a mini wallet with all my keys and debit cards and license. That wallet was my mom’s and is about 20 years old. I love it and it just shows the LV quality!

The little pouch came with my bag and holds powder and lipstick. Which I have good intentions but never remember to apply. 

 Next, are thank you notes & stamps for Gigi’s birthdat thank yous! Gotta get those out this week!

Love that honest hand sanitizer spray. It smells so good. I also found change, earrings, and an iphone adapter &a crumpled Starbucks napkin. 

I keep a little notebook for Gigi to write in in the car. She writes “songs”, practices letters, and it keeps her occupied for a while if we are running errands. 

I also keep binder clips for my clip system. I follow Dave Ramsey/Rachel Cruze cash system so I separate my cash categories with clips. 

Next, I have Gigi’s dance pictures form, my Target sunglasses and a case from TJ Maxx. 

Lastly, I have my Simplified planner and mini notebook. I loooove my Simplified planner! I use it everyday to write down meetings, reminders, and chores. 

I use the mini notebook for house project ideas. Each page has a room. It’s nice to have that when I am out and see something I like. 

Hope you enjoyed this littke peek into my bag! What do you carry with you everyday? 


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