What’s New & What’s on Sale

I was browsing the Ballard website tonight, just looking around for a good deal. I find I like most things there – so I enjoyed looking around.

I thought it would be fun to show a few new things I liked and a some things on sale.
This tulip side table would be so cute in a living room. For those of use unwilling to commit to the large version or to the price of the original :), I think this in the white is a great look!

I also love these new candlestick lamps. They would look great in my guest room. Currently, I’m having trouble finding a pair of traditional candlestick lamps. I think big lamps are having a moment and I’m behind :).

These cute coral candlesticks would look so great on my mantle all summer long.

I checked out the clearance and saw a few good things on there as well.

I always wanted to be that person that stocked up on the Christmas décor in the summer to get a deal – maybe I should get these cute shades for my dining room chandelier?

Have you seen anything lately that you just had to have? Or have a really great deal to share?


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