Style Quiz

Have you taken Emily Henderson’s style quiz? It was included in her book, Styled and is now live on her website.

I took it twice. The first time, I got 80’s glam (what?). The second time, I got Traditional.

As I’ve said before, I firmly identify with traditional style. I do like some elements of farmhouse, or as we used to call it before Joanna Gaines made it cool, “country”. And I like some modern pieces – mostly modern art and sometimes light fixtures. But overall, I am definitely a Traditionalist.

Interestingly enough, sometimes even Traditional Home is too modern for me.

I even just bought a shiny brass (not the fancy new matte brass) lantern for my foyer.

I generally also don’t identify with the “Transitional” style that seems so prevalent these days. It’s too modern, sleek and funky for me. I think I’ll stick with Traditional and throw in something crazy every once in a while to mix things up!

Did you take the quiz? Was it accurate for you?


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