Design Crush – Bunny Williams

I’ve quoted Bunny many times – maybe in every blog post? – and it’s no secret that I even decorate with her books! I thought it would be fun to talk about my design crush and why I’m the #1 member of the Bunny Fan Club. Is there one of those? No? Ok – I’ll start one :).

The first Bunny book I read was, “An Affair with a House”. I really identified with her feelings for her house as I also lusted after homes – one in particular that I didn’t end up buying – in the Snee Farm neighborhood. For 6 years, if I saw one on the market, I drove by. I went to open houses, I talked to friends. I even drove around the neighborhood on Saturdays looking for the “For Sale By Owner” home that wouldn’t be on the MLS. We didn’t end up buying the one from the affair :), but it was fun while it lasted. And we may still end up there!

I love her passion for design. I love that she talks about how her mother’s rugs at the front door were always red because of the Virginia clay. Where I grew up in NC, we had clay too!

I also love how in her Ballard interview on the How to Decorate Podcast (have you checked it out?), she said she had rooms that stayed empty for years while she saved up to finish them. I can definitely identify with that!

Every room of hers is filled with things that make my Traditional heart flutter: Chinese export porcelain, wallpaper, tons of books, art of many types, layered rugs, Majolica, antiques.Β  I always identify with her style and gasp at a beautiful room before I even know its hers.

I thought it would be fun to show some of my favorite rooms of hers. Some of these are from her Southern Living Idea House in Virginia. Some are projects, some are her own house. She is definitely my #1 design crush!

Do you have a design crush I need to know about? Leave it in the comments below :

All images via Pinterest.


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