Design Crush – Phoebe Howard

I thought it’d be fun to showcase a few of my favorite designers. You already know of my love of Bunny Williams! Phoebe Howard, or Mrs. Howard as she’s known through her stores, is another Southern designer I love!

I first got her book, The Joy of Decorating, from the library. I hadn’t heard of her name before but had definitely seen her work.

I loved that book so much that I: 1) got a late fee at the library because I didn’t want to return it :); 2)bought another book by her – Room by Room.

She writes in Joy of Decorating that she isn’t a designer by trade. Her husband, Jim Howard, is an architect and that after she stayed home to raise her kids, she found her love of design. She has several brick-and-mortar stores and a decorating business that her kids have joined as well.

Her style to me is sometimes monochromatic but layered and rich, never boring. She includes a lot of texture in a room and has some of the most beautiful draperies I have ever seen.

She doesn’t shy away from color but she does one color theme rooms so well.

She has several of her own homes that she shares in Joy of Decorating and they are beautiful!

I love this photo of the draperies in the same tone as the wall color- I’m thinking about something like that for my bedroom. And she does a cornice board so well :).


Do you love Mrs. Howard, as well? Who is  your favorite designer?

All photos from Pinterest. 


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