What’s in my bag -work edition! 

I love to read these types of posts so I thought I would try it out. It’s fun to peek into someone else’s life and see how they keep organized

To be honest, I’m always struggling to organize something. My car, a drawer, the toy explosion – whatever🙂. You’d think the bigger the bag, the bigger the mess. But ever since I got this bag for my birthday, I’m finally able to carry everything I need in one bag and feel much more organized. 

Here’s what it looked like yesterday in my cube. This photo is not styled! I always style up my photos for Insta and my blog but that is not the point of this post! 

It also holds my laptop for work too. 

First, I took my makeup to work to put it on in the bathroom because #reallife.  Love that Tarte makeup bag I got for free from Ulta. 

Also in my bag, my wallet and 6 key pouch. The key pouch functions as a mini wallet with all my keys and debit cards and license. That wallet was my mom’s and is about 20 years old. I love it and it just shows the LV quality!

The little pouch came with my bag and holds powder and lipstick. Which I have good intentions but never remember to apply. 

 Next, are thank you notes & stamps for Gigi’s birthdat thank yous! Gotta get those out this week!

Love that honest hand sanitizer spray. It smells so good. I also found change, earrings, and an iphone adapter &a crumpled Starbucks napkin. 

I keep a little notebook for Gigi to write in in the car. She writes “songs”, practices letters, and it keeps her occupied for a while if we are running errands. 

I also keep binder clips for my clip system. I follow Dave Ramsey/Rachel Cruze cash system so I separate my cash categories with clips. 

Next, I have Gigi’s dance pictures form, my Target sunglasses and a case from TJ Maxx. 

Lastly, I have my Simplified planner and mini notebook. I loooove my Simplified planner! I use it everyday to write down meetings, reminders, and chores. 

I use the mini notebook for house project ideas. Each page has a room. It’s nice to have that when I am out and see something I like. 

Hope you enjoyed this littke peek into my bag! What do you carry with you everyday? 

Monday Roundup

Hey y’all! I had amazing plans for a new decorating post but #momlife got in my way this weekend. 

I thought I would share a few random thoughts/updates and inspiration for your Monday. And end with some happy thoughts to start the week

First, I got some cute springy/summer wreaths at Homegoods that look like eucalyptus leaves. I thought – Ill take a cute shot! Nope, the door is covered in pollen! 😕 So, I added that to my naptime to-do list and cleaned them. Then, forgot to take the picture! Ha!

Next, we got a jute rug from the Celadon warehouse for the guest room and have yet to unroll it. Maybe tonight, Hubby?! (Who am I kidding – he doesn’t read the blog.)

Then, I was thinking of something to do with my boring upstairs bathroom walls. What if we painted stripes on either one or all the walls and tiled the back of the shower? I think it would be a great update! Or should we try that adhesive wallpaper? 

Anyway- it was a weekend with cleaning, laundry, and not much else. So here’s some pretty Pinspiration for your Monday! 

I’m always looking for guest room inspo since we’re not totally sure what to do with ours yet! 

Love the colors, the detail on the chest, and the abstract art in this one frome Arhaus

**Love this chair from Arhaus. It would be so cute in G’s room when we give up the glider! 

Friday Insta Faves -Pizza Edition

Happy Friday! We’re having family movie night & #allthepizza and I absolutely can’t wait!

I also can’t wait to show you my Insta faves from the week- so here they are! 

House and Garden UK – loving the striped rug. (Hey Cassie- an indoor/outdoor of this would look so good with that banana leaf fabric in your mudroom! 🙂)

@archandvault giving me some green dining room inspo!
Love the blue & white of the next two from @ashleywhittakerdesign and Veranda. 

@kensingtonroyal shared this of my 3 favorite royals! Love the clouds!

@greyhuntinteriors- awesome black hood!

I also loved the soft florals in this dining room posted by @verandamag

The showroom of @blackbanddesign killed it with this vignette. The colors and the art!

I love a window seat. This one by @collins_interiors is perfection down to the sconces. 

I loved the grey & white light by @leah_g_bailey

John Rosselli always posts lovely designs. Love the lamps & the custom roman shade!

I also loved this @greyhuntinteriors post of @ramblingreno ‘s One Room Challenge! So good!

That’s it for Friday! Did you find anyone new I should follow this week? 

What’s New & What’s on Sale

I was browsing the Ballard website tonight, just looking around for a good deal. I find I like most things there – so I enjoyed looking around.

I thought it would be fun to show a few new things I liked and a some things on sale.
This tulip side table would be so cute in a living room. For those of use unwilling to commit to the large version or to the price of the original :), I think this in the white is a great look!

I also love these new candlestick lamps. They would look great in my guest room. Currently, I’m having trouble finding a pair of traditional candlestick lamps. I think big lamps are having a moment and I’m behind :).

These cute coral candlesticks would look so great on my mantle all summer long.

I checked out the clearance and saw a few good things on there as well.

I always wanted to be that person that stocked up on the Christmas décor in the summer to get a deal – maybe I should get these cute shades for my dining room chandelier?

Have you seen anything lately that you just had to have? Or have a really great deal to share?

Style Quiz

Have you taken Emily Henderson’s style quiz? It was included in her book, Styled and is now live on her website.

I took it twice. The first time, I got 80’s glam (what?). The second time, I got Traditional.

As I’ve said before, I firmly identify with traditional style. I do like some elements of farmhouse, or as we used to call it before Joanna Gaines made it cool, “country”. And I like some modern pieces – mostly modern art and sometimes light fixtures. But overall, I am definitely a Traditionalist.

Interestingly enough, sometimes even Traditional Home is too modern for me.

I even just bought a shiny brass (not the fancy new matte brass) lantern for my foyer.

I generally also don’t identify with the “Transitional” style that seems so prevalent these days. It’s too modern, sleek and funky for me. I think I’ll stick with Traditional and throw in something crazy every once in a while to mix things up!

Did you take the quiz? Was it accurate for you?

Design Crush – Bunny Williams

I’ve quoted Bunny many times – maybe in every blog post? – and it’s no secret that I even decorate with her books! I thought it would be fun to talk about my design crush and why I’m the #1 member of the Bunny Fan Club. Is there one of those? No? Ok – I’ll start one :).

The first Bunny book I read was, “An Affair with a House”. I really identified with her feelings for her house as I also lusted after homes – one in particular that I didn’t end up buying – in the Snee Farm neighborhood. For 6 years, if I saw one on the market, I drove by. I went to open houses, I talked to friends. I even drove around the neighborhood on Saturdays looking for the “For Sale By Owner” home that wouldn’t be on the MLS. We didn’t end up buying the one from the affair :), but it was fun while it lasted. And we may still end up there!

I love her passion for design. I love that she talks about how her mother’s rugs at the front door were always red because of the Virginia clay. Where I grew up in NC, we had clay too!

I also love how in her Ballard interview on the How to Decorate Podcast (have you checked it out?), she said she had rooms that stayed empty for years while she saved up to finish them. I can definitely identify with that!

Every room of hers is filled with things that make my Traditional heart flutter: Chinese export porcelain, wallpaper, tons of books, art of many types, layered rugs, Majolica, antiques.  I always identify with her style and gasp at a beautiful room before I even know its hers.

I thought it would be fun to show some of my favorite rooms of hers. Some of these are from her Southern Living Idea House in Virginia. Some are projects, some are her own house. She is definitely my #1 design crush!

Do you have a design crush I need to know about? Leave it in the comments below :

All images via Pinterest.

Friday Insta Faves – Birthday Edition v2

Hey y’all!  I got a new job and have been super busy but I’m excited to be back sharing my Friday Faves post! It was my birthday yesterday and we celebrated with Hibachi and family time and it was the.best! 🙂

Let’s go…
@charlotte_annefidler has the cutest English country house and her wisteria is amazing! Check out her feed for some great photography and scenes of the idyllic countryside.

Next, I loved all the color from @parkerkennedyliving  – they do color right!

@countrylivingmag – shared these beautiful tulips – so springy!

This faux bamboo chest would look so great in a fun color – turquoise or hot pink in a little girls room? Give me all the lacquer! @oneofafindcharleston – always posts great furniture.

Next, I loved this #blueandwhiteforever room from @verandamag.

I died over this valance in the bathroom. That color and the white – yes! It reminds me of the pink one I had in my bathroom as a child :). From @diffmiller

Next, I picked my own photo in which I incorrectly identified this as honeysuckle. It’s confederate jasmine – haha! But my sweet followers set me straight in the nicest way – I love Insta friends.

@annieselke – love this color, the tufted headboard, the art.

Ok – and I picked my own photo again! But just because Phoebe Howard like it and commented blue hearts! I couldn’t even believe she saw my photo – so awesome! I love designers who interact on Instagram – I’m even  more of a Mrs. Howard fan now :)!

@amandalouiseinteriors I love the square sunburst mirror and the orange!

This haint blue lacquer ceiling (can it be haint blue if it’s inside?!) and the drape/tablecloth matching is so good! And the faux bamboo chairs! From @traditionalhome. 

That’s it guys! Hope you have the best weekend!!


I’ve read that designers always say : Don’t make somebody a collector if they aren’t.

But, I am most definitely a collector. My mom and grandmother started collecting demitasse for me when I was young.

In college and law school, I collected salt and pepper shakers (and still do).

And in my married life, I started collecting Chinese export porcelain – mostly Blue Canton – since that is my favorite.

Collections in your house are fun for you to look at and remember a special purchase or a person who gave you the item. I think they are also a fun connection point for guests who come into your home. It adds a bit of decorative personality to your home and tells them something about you.

I also can’t forget about books! I am most definitely a collector of books to decorate with and to read!

Do you have any collections? Or wish you did?

Design Crush – Phoebe Howard

I thought it’d be fun to showcase a few of my favorite designers. You already know of my love of Bunny Williams! Phoebe Howard, or Mrs. Howard as she’s known through her stores, is another Southern designer I love!

I first got her book, The Joy of Decorating, from the library. I hadn’t heard of her name before but had definitely seen her work.

I loved that book so much that I: 1) got a late fee at the library because I didn’t want to return it :); 2)bought another book by her – Room by Room.

She writes in Joy of Decorating that she isn’t a designer by trade. Her husband, Jim Howard, is an architect and that after she stayed home to raise her kids, she found her love of design. She has several brick-and-mortar stores and a decorating business that her kids have joined as well.

Her style to me is sometimes monochromatic but layered and rich, never boring. She includes a lot of texture in a room and has some of the most beautiful draperies I have ever seen.

She doesn’t shy away from color but she does one color theme rooms so well.

She has several of her own homes that she shares in Joy of Decorating and they are beautiful!

I love this photo of the draperies in the same tone as the wall color- I’m thinking about something like that for my bedroom. And she does a cornice board so well :).


Do you love Mrs. Howard, as well? Who is  your favorite designer?

All photos from Pinterest.