The Look for Less- Vol 1.

We all have home update budgets. Some are big, some are small, some change with whatever season of life we are in. I firmly believe in budgets. As a Dave Ramsey fan, I believe in planning, saving up for things and budgeting. To me, a budget is not a limitation but permission to spend.

However, some things I’d love to have in my house, I just can’t fit into the budget right now.

I love to budget shop at Target and HomeGoods but sometimes I forget about the good old internet. So here ‘s a few Look for Less item’s I’ve found that I’m loving lately!

Bunny Williams Brush Stroke Lamp

I have loved this lamp for years! On her website, it is listed as $950

I was browsing the Wisteria website and saw this pillow cover and on major sale! This would give a great look to my guest room! It is $9.99 (without insert).

brush stroke pillow cover.jpg

Wisteria also has this modern lamp with a Bunny brushstroke look!

indigo lamp.jpg

Jute/Seagrass/Natural Fiber Rug

Pottery Barn has a 9×12 for $756. It also requires professional cleaning.


Ballard’s version is $449 for the same size and they have other versions that are indoor/outdoor.


I’ve been looking for curtains like these ones on Pinterest.

  Pottery Barn looks pretty close for $134 per panel. I have 4 windows in my bed room so that’s x4 for me. Ouch!

2017-04-26 (3).png

The Aina curtains from Ikea will give you a great linen look for $59.99 for the pair. This set comes in the perfect length for my windows to hang all the way up to the molding at 95”.


I love a good dΓ©cor item. Wisteria had some really cute items with great prices. I’m glad I found this site!

This bone inlay box is so cute for $59!


bone inlay box.jpg

Bunny’s version will run you $875.

bunny bone box.jpg

They also have some good blue and white ginger jars to mix in with your antiques!

ginger jar

ginger jars.jpg

What’s your favorite look for less item? Do you budget for home items?






4 thoughts on “The Look for Less- Vol 1.

  1. has metal and glass side and coffee tables that look just like the ones in Pottery Barn’s Tanner Collection for 3/4 of the price or less. I bought them years ago and love them!

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