Coffee Table Style

I’ve been thinking about restyling my coffee table (coffee ottomans?) for a while. The brown tray just wasn’t working for me and it kept losing items every time anyone sat down. For reference, this is what it looked like a few months ago.


There are tons of tutorials on how to style a coffee table so this is really not one of those posts. This post is more – here’s how I styled mine.


I switched the brown tray for a mirrored tray and already it felt lighter. I cleaned it off and started with a clean slate. I kept my favorite books and the fun brass candlestick I found at Target on clearance.


I thought it look unbalanced so I also found this cute brass pineapple to balance out the other side and give it some height. I put books on the left ottoman to fill in the space. I added some roses and holly from my yard. Love cutting flowers from the yard to fill in a blank space.


Next, I thought about my friend, Elizabeth’s, post on coffee tables and decided to add a few kid-friendly pieces too. I added crayons in blue and green and some pom-poms in the silver sugar jar. Do you mom’s out there have pom-pom’s? They are one toy she plays with every day and they work for everything. Need to make muffins in your play kitchen? Pom-poms! Need some food for your Bitty Baby? Pom-poms! These are the best $2 I ever spent a Hobby Lobby :).


Below are some other coffee tables I love – all from Pinterest. What’s your favorite? Am I missing something on mine? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


I also noticed there are not a lot of photos on Pinterest on how to style 2 ottomans/coffee table groupings so I pulled a few of those as well for inspiration.


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