Four is a lot like three. It was, of course, only just yesterday you were still three. But, still, four is a lot like three. At four, you still nuzzle my neck when I give you a hug and call me Mommy. You still think I’m cool and that everything I do is cool – even laundry and dishes! At four, you have the brightest smile, the sweetest laugh, and the most precious little voice I’ve ever heard. At three, you adorably mispronounce  dozens of words that I’ll always cherish.

But four is not like three, in a lot of ways. I see the baby face slowly slipping away. I see the mispronunciations slowly correcting themselves. I see you noticing what bigger girls do. You have an opinion about your clothes, your toys and what we’ll do each day.

Four is not like three, but it’s still little. I want you to stay little for as long as possible. I want you to find joy in the little things : in splashing in muddy puddles in Frozen boots, in dressing up head to toe in Princess clothing, and in wanting to spend all your time with Mommy. Get dirty, get sandy, get paint on your clothes. Don’t worry about messing up your “pretty dresses”. Mommy will wash them. Mommy loves you, my big four year old. But, you’re still such a little girl.

Love always, Mommy


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