#FridayInstaFaves on Saturday? 4.8.17

Can we, just this once, do #fridayinstafaves on a Saturday? We’ve had a super busy birthday week for our favorite birthday girl and have just been celebrating all week.

So – let’s get going!

@traditionalhome posted this blue and white living room from November 2001 and I say – yes please and I’ll take that in 2017!

This photo by @cassiesugarplum, posted by @younghouselove, is everything. Love the color, the bookshelves, the purple buffalo check!

I really enjoyed this asymmetrical look by @ladolcevitablog, posted by @johnrosselliassociates. The pillows are awesome too.

Next, I loved all the patterns and color in this photo by @amandalouiseinteriors.

Did you know madewell did this? I didn’t so I saved it to take in some old jeans. I really need new ones.

I’ve been saving a lot of guest rooms and the lime green/pink in this one posted by @quadrillefabrics got me.

@lowcountrylive posted this gorgeous photo of the Arthur Ravenel bridge.

Parker Kennedy gets it right every time – love his feed! And that house!

@phoebehoward_decorator – does it right all the time. Love this foyer!

Althorpestate posted this beautiful portrait gallery. Amazing!

This pillows are gorgeous. I’ll take them all!

Love this coastal living room and I think that’s a Slim Aaron print in the back?! @janabekdesign. Also leopard is neutral. And that blue tulip table. Clearly, I’m on a coastal kick.

That’s it for me this week. What did you save??


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