Gigi’s Nursery – Grey &Yellow

I thought it would be fun to share Gigi’s nursery since she is turning four this weekend (FOUR?! How!?).

Gigi Heatherly-4.jpg

Her nursery was something I started working on as soon as I found out I was pregnant with her. I really wanted grey and yellow as my colors with white as the third color choice. We didn’t know yet if she was a girl or boy and I thought those colors would work either way.

Gigi Heatherly-39.jpg

I fell in love with this crib and then it was discontinued! I called around to every baby store in the Southeast and found a floor model in Charlotte. My mom drove down and picked it up for me :). The crib was a gift from my grandmother and I loved it so much. Gigi loved it too and stayed in her crib until she was 3!

gigi nursery 4.jpg

All of the custom bedding was from a local baby store Baby Bloomers, as well as the glider. They are a lovely family-owned store and are so helpful in helping you create the most beautiful nursery!

Gigi Heatherly-13


The dresser and bookcase I already had. I bought a changing pad topper from Land of Nod to secure on top. The rug is also from Land of Nod. It’s the Magic Carpet – Non-Flying Edition. It’s held up great and is still in her room today! I’m thinking of moving it to the playroom, once I pick a new rug for her room now.

Gigi Heatherly-9

Gigi Heatherly-55

Gigi Heatherly-41

Her daddy built her a beautiful custom closet that I still miss. It was his project for her and look at all that storage!

This room in our old house was always my favorite. We lived there until she was one and I loved rocking, changing, playing and loving her in that room. Happy Birthday, baby! Love always, Mommy.

Gigi Heatherly-147

**Most pictures courtesy of Jenna Daniel of Love the Daniels, 2013Β :). Thanks Jenna!


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