Beach House – Weekend Fun!

Gigi and I went to the beach house to see my parents this weekend! We had a fun time, had some good food, got to play in the sand, and enjoy some family time.

My mom has always loved decorating and I remember from a very early age that our house didn’t look like my friend’s houses. She took, and still takes, a lot of pride in a pretty house and I think I definitely inherited that from her.  I was always proud to show my friends our house and my room because they were pretty. Hopefully, Gigi will feel the same way about our house – if I ever get it done! πŸ™‚

We’ve had a house on this island for about 20 years (and when I say we – I mean my parents – haha!) It has the perfect small town feel, the lady who runs the coffee shop remembers me, and they greet us like family at our favorite BBQ place. I love Oak Island, NC!

It’s funny that even though we live in Mount Pleasant – which is about 6 miles from Isle of Palms – we hardly ever go. It just doesn’t feel like the beach to me – only Oak Island does!

This is our 3d house on the island and I’ve loved all of them. If I can find some other pictures of the other ones, I’ll share those too in a later post.

I thought I would share some pictures of the living areas of the house. I think my mom did a great job!


beach house_edited

beach house 6_edited

beach house 3_edited





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