Friday Insta Faves 4.28.17

Hey Guys! It’s Fri-YAY! I’m excited for today and for the weekend. I think Hubby and I are going to have a bit of a date day today and then weekends are always fun!

Let’s go with our faves from the week!

@simple_and_lovely posted this beautiful kitchen shot. I love the lanterns, the wall color, the contrasting island…yes!

Next I saved this amazing buffalo check banquette setup from @sullivanjamesinteriors. I love the soft beachy colors and the traditional dรฉcor.

I can’t pass up a green dining room because, well, you know. This one is beautiful! From @kristurnbullstudios.

This whole room with the blue and white and the Chinese Chippendale and that amazing fiddle leaf fig from @juliocesarlimaudia. Yes!

@vintagesplendor posted this photo by @murphydesign – blue mirror, wallpaper, cool modern console, #blueandwhiteforever

My fav @bunnywilliamshome showed one of her showroom pieces at High Point Market this past week – I love the bed and I mean, it’s Bunny – what wouldn’t I love?

@starkcarpet – this power room wallpaper and mirror is ah-mazing!

And @housebeautifulย  posted the cutest makeup table/desk – and that mirror is awesome.

I can’t remember if I included this last week but Happy Birthday Your Majesty!

@diffmiller always has great Instagram contect – but those sconces!!!!

I thought the tripod lamp and the soft pattern play with the pillows was so nice with the white walls and white couch from @caitlinwilsondesign.

@explorecharleston always posts the cutest photos of our town – love the purple door, the gas lanterns and those topiaries!

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend, friends!


The Look for Less- Vol 1.

We all have home update budgets. Some are big, some are small, some change with whatever season of life we are in. I firmly believe in budgets. As a Dave Ramsey fan, I believe in planning, saving up for things and budgeting. To me, a budget is not a limitation but permission to spend.

However, some things I’d love to have in my house, I just can’t fit into the budget right now.

I love to budget shop at Target and HomeGoods but sometimes I forget about the good old internet. So here ‘s a few Look for Less item’s I’ve found that I’m loving lately!

Bunny Williams Brush Stroke Lamp

I have loved this lamp for years! On her website, it is listed as $950

I was browsing the Wisteria website and saw this pillow cover and on major sale! This would give a great look to my guest room! It is $9.99 (without insert).

brush stroke pillow cover.jpg

Wisteria also has this modern lamp with a Bunny brushstroke look!

indigo lamp.jpg

Jute/Seagrass/Natural Fiber Rug

Pottery Barn has a 9×12 for $756. It also requires professional cleaning.


Ballard’s version is $449 for the same size and they have other versions that are indoor/outdoor.


I’ve been looking for curtains like these ones on Pinterest.

  Pottery Barn looks pretty close for $134 per panel. I have 4 windows in my bed room so that’s x4 for me. Ouch!

2017-04-26 (3).png

The Aina curtains from Ikea will give you a great linen look for $59.99 for the pair. This set comes in the perfect length for my windows to hang all the way up to the molding at 95”.


I love a good dรฉcor item. Wisteria had some really cute items with great prices. I’m glad I found this site!

This bone inlay box is so cute for $59!


bone inlay box.jpg

Bunny’s version will run you $875.

bunny bone box.jpg

They also have some good blue and white ginger jars to mix in with your antiques!

ginger jar

ginger jars.jpg

What’s your favorite look for less item? Do you budget for home items?





On Blogging & Summer Supper

I’ve been reading blogs for about 10 years. It first started with food blogs. I was newly married and didn’t know how to cook anything. I mean, anything. In college, one of my roommates said, let’s boil water for spaghetti and I said – Great! How do we do that? ๐Ÿ™‚

I loved the Pioneer Woman for cooking food I wanted to eat and showing step by step phots, which I needed. See also above.

Then, I read healthy living blogs and running blogs and soon discovered lifestyle blogs. I always wanted to have my own blog because I loved reading others but just didn’t have the courage to do it – to put myself out there. What if I got mean comments? What if no one read it?

But, this year, I finally decided to just go for it and do it. Something happened to me and I stopped being afraid. I stopped being afraid to submit my picture book manuscript to agents and publishers. I stopped being afraid to publish photos on a public Instagram account (that more than just my Mom and aunt viewed). I just decided that it’s time to make things happen. To stop being afraid to share what I love because I’m not, and won’t ever be, an interior designer.

So- here I share things that I love. I love updating my house. I love fabric samples. I love pinning things on Pinterest. I love diy, junque shopping, and antiquing. I love reading your blogs, your comments, your photos. So, I’m proud I did this and don’t plan to stop.

That’s enough heavy talk for today – so I thought I’d share a quick recipe!

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is grill. Minimal prep for me and a mostly-clean kitchen? Sign me up!

I thought I would share a yummy Supper we call Grilled Chicken & Bruschetta. It’s not particularly gourmet or original – but it is yummy!

I use a marinade recipe from the Duchess of Fork’s blog, which she has since taken down. She’s now the Destin Duchess – but her chicken marinade has always been my favorite. I don’t have a copy of the original so I’ll just credit her above and tell you how I make it since I do it from memory.

  • 2 tbsp. olive oil
  • 2 tbsp. soy sauce (I use low sodium)
  • 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 tbsp. brown sugar
  • A couple of shakes (or as many as you like) of McCormick’s Montreal Steak spice mix

Stir that with a whisk and marinate! To me, this tastes good if you only have 20 minutes to marinate or 8 hours.

We love to get the Italian 5 grain baguette at Publix and slice that up. I brush both sides with extra virgin olive oil and Hubby grills those while he grills the chicken.

Then, I make the bruschetta mixture. Now, I’ve been to Italy and this isn’t how they make it – but it is yummy! I chop up grape tomatoes and throw them into a bowl. Add a chiffonade of basil and some freshly grated parmesan cheese (get the wedge kind). I’ve also used the shaved kind from Publix in the jar and it’s good too! Add kosher salt and just enough olive oil to pull it together and stir. You can also add pepper but I do not like black pepper so I omit that step!ย  Enjoy bruschetta on top of the grilled baguette!

Add in a salad or some grilled corn and I call that done! What’s your favorite summer supper?

Bedroom Update

I made a little update this week to my bedroom and thought I would share. I went into detail and inspiration in this post. I have a space issue with the way the headboard is centered on the wall and was feeling frustrated that I didn’t have a bedside table.

I found this mirrored table at HomeGoods in Wilmington, NC  this past week, while we were vacationing at the beach in North Carolina. It was $59.99, which I thought was a great price. It has a mirror top and is open on the bottom, with bronze metal frame.

At first, I thought I could get some mirror cut for the bottom as well but I’m liking the look of the books on the floor. I may ultimately do that to get some more stable storage, but for now, I think it works.

I always love adding books – so I may have gone a bit book crazy!

I took a stab at styling it with some oleander from my yard, a picture of Gigi, my favorite design books, and a candle from Target. This is a pineapple coconut candle and it smells amazing!

I also put a few books down below that I’m currently reading but was really just going to for a dark color scheme on the bottom.

This is what it looks like now, styled and pretty. In a few hours, when the preschooler comes home and I’m watching YouTube tonight it’ll look a bit different with stickers, crayons, water and probably my phone. #reallife.

What do you think? I’m now looking for a bronzy mirrored piece for the other side.

I also really like my faux-Ballard mirror on the table above the current bedside table. I don’t know if I should try to find something more narrow and like it for my side?

Next, is removing the outlet near the headboard and adding in some sconces for a reading light.

And just when you thought I couldn’t fill up an entire post talking about a table – I did! ๐Ÿ™‚


Friday Insta Faves 4.21.17

Instagram had some great stuff this week that I’d love to share with you…so let’s check it out!

@explorecharleston – beautiful quintessential Charleston porch

Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies had a beautiful easter table in her amazing dining room! You should check it out!

@randigarrettdesign – beautiful #blueandwhiteforever Mother’s Day table

@theroyalfamily posted this picture of Queen Elizabeth II. Today is her actual birthday, her official birthday is in June -so that is when the parades/celebrations will be.  Being the devout Anglophile that I am, I’ll be having a cuppa in her honor today ๐Ÿ™‚

Aliceinherpalace – beautiful country house shot for Easter and her kids are beautiful!

@domaininteriors_mtp – I died over this wallpaper

@markdsikes always kills it!

Ethan Allen posted an amazing blue and white pool shot. I always tend towards pink and green for outside but love this!

This photo from @theblueoctagon is gorgeous. The candlesticks, the black and white chairs, the flowers, the bowls. I’ll take one of each!

@james_michael_howard – beautiful photo from @verandamag. Love the soft colors and the big stripe on that couch is everything.

Phoebe Howard – posted about looking for a look-alike of this mirror. I loved the chandelier too..

This English country house interior is everything I would imagine it to be – the statue, the open doors, green lawn, the relief over the door!

That’s it for this week – what did you save? Did you like any of these? I love getting inspriration from Instagram and sharing ideas with all of you! Happy Weekend! And, yes, I didn’t crop out the notifications because I love to see that you guys like what I post! I finally made it to 400 followers on Instagram and am so excited to continue to share, comment, and like with all of you!! 


Gallery Wall Pinspiration

Like many of you, when I’m looking for pictures of an idea I want to create in my home, I head to Pinterest first. I also look through magazine and design books but Pinterest is a seemingly endless   places for ideas! One of the projects I’ve been thinking about is the gallery wall on my staircase. It’s an odd shape with the landing. 

Currently, I have one row of photos on each of the walls. The gallery wall in my old house was only one wall up the stairs and, I think, easier to style. Like this one from Erin Gates’s house!

If I can find a picture of it, I’ll edit this post and add it!

I also only have black frames with white mats. But I love the look of maybe adding some white/wood and/or gold frames too. I also really like the idea of framing children’s art. I have lots of frames stores so it seems like this could be a big add with little cost! My favorite kind! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll keep you updated!

Here’s some of the looks I’ve been pinning! All images via Pinterest. 

Do you have an amazing gallery wall or have you saved one that you love? Leave me the link below in the comments. I’d love to check it out! Happy Monday! 

Friday Insta Favs – Birthday Edition!

Hey y’all! Happy Friday! It’s Good Friday and Easter weekend here so we’re going to enjoy a few days vacation with family :). And celebrate a certain 4 year old one more time!

But, first, I wanted to share my #Fridayinstafavs. Let’s go!

The first photo is from my favorite Youtuber MakeupbyTiffanyD. She does makeup tutorials, vlogs, home dรฉcor videos. She’s awesome and you should check her out! She also has a really great Instagram and redid her kitchen a few months ago. It’s gorgeous!

@thehomeedit always inspires me to organize. I did Gigi’s bookshelves like this a few months ago and it lasted about 1 hour :).

This kitchen is also beautiful and I love the pink runner – posted by @beckiowens

I really loved seeing the old reporters in this vignette by @alisonkandler_interiordesign. I have some of my great-grandfathers reporters in my bookshelves downstairs and I love looking at them.

Another pic of the CSOL Design house – so pretty. Photo by @bobbijointeriors

This living room is so fun @societysocial/

I just can’t with this chair – have I posted about this picture before? I don’t even care :). @Katie_kime

This ballard photo – the stools, the headboard, the lamps – Ballard Love

In this photo by @thelushlist, posted by @jenn_thatcher_art – love the color play, animal print, blue and white ginger jar, abstract art – everything! Jenn is the artist and this one is amazing!

@emiliedulles posted some beautiful stationery – love!

Have y’all seen Home Town on HGTV? I really like it! I thought it was a cool twist how she uses art to show them how the house will look instead of all computer programs.

Last, this console is #blueandwhiteforever. Posted by @classyclutter.

And I’ll include my own photo, since this is the birthday edition. 4 years ago this week, this girl made me a mama. So yeah, this is definitely a fav :). Photo by Kailee Dimeglio Photography.



That’s it, guys! Hope you have a great Easter! If you saved some great stuff on Insta this week, would love you to share using #Fridayinstafavs !

Ballard Love

I really love Ballard Designs. I think they have so much style for being an easy, not-to-the-trade place where you can get really high style items for your house. They are definitely not the cheapest, but they do have sales and you know the items you are getting are quality.

I also may or may not hoard Ballard catalogs to look back on for ideas.ย  Is that embarrassing? ๐Ÿ™‚ I think they put things together well and of course, they work with my fav – Bunny !

The things that I think they do the best are: stools/ottomans/benches, light fixtures &sconces, rugs, and then the bigger furniture – if you can afford it :).

A lot of designers use them too and not just the ones that do collaborations/products with them. They use them as a place to get good basics that have a custom look but are easy to order, measurements are supplied, and come in tons of fabrics.

Here’s some of my favorite new items they have.

This bench would look great in a foyer.


Love this stool and it comes in many fabrics. And I have long drooled over their x benches, with or without nailheads. I’m also trying to con my husband into making something similar. I think he could do it!

The twisted metal on these lanterns is a great update.

T_WithoutZoomcarriage lantern

These two mirrors are lovely. I’d like either. I’d put the white one in my bathroom.

I love this rug in cream. And if they did the antelope in a grey colorway – I’m first in line.

I think this sconce hasย a Dunes and Duchess look but for way less!


And I love this candle sconce – I want to use them in my hallway upstairs.


I think these are amazing for a chinoiserie look.


Also -did you know that they have a podcast? I’ve really enjoyed it and have been listening to episodes while I’m cleaning the house or doing yard work. I was totally excited over their Erin Gates episode and the Suzanne Kasler one was great too. You should check it out!

I might even write to them about my curtain dilemmas!

Do you love Ballard? Is there a favorite mass retailer that you love more that I need to know about?

Coffee Table Style

I’ve been thinking about restyling my coffee table (coffee ottomans?) for a while. The brown tray just wasn’t working for me and it kept losing items every time anyone sat down. For reference, this is what it looked like a few months ago.


There are tons of tutorials on how to style a coffee table so this is really not one of those posts. This post is more – here’s how I styled mine.


I switched the brown tray for a mirrored tray and already it felt lighter. I cleaned it off and started with a clean slate. I kept my favorite books and the fun brass candlestick I found at Target on clearance.


I thought it look unbalanced so I also found this cute brass pineapple to balance out the other side and give it some height. I put books on the left ottoman to fill in the space. I added some roses and holly from my yard. Love cutting flowers from the yard to fill in a blank space.


Next, I thought about my friend, Elizabeth’s, post on coffee tables and decided to add a few kid-friendly pieces too. I added crayons in blue and green and some pom-poms in the silver sugar jar. Do you mom’s out there have pom-pom’s? They are one toy she plays with every day and they work for everything. Need to make muffins in your play kitchen? Pom-poms! Need some food for your Bitty Baby? Pom-poms! These are the best $2 I ever spent a Hobby Lobby :).


Below are some other coffee tables I love – all from Pinterest. What’s your favorite? Am I missing something on mine? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


I also noticed there are not a lot of photos on Pinterest on how to style 2 ottomans/coffee table groupings so I pulled a few of those as well for inspiration.


Four is a lot like three. It was, of course, only just yesterday you were still three. But, still, four is a lot like three. At four, you still nuzzle my neck when I give you a hug and call me Mommy. You still think Iโ€™m cool and that everything I do is cool โ€“ even laundry and dishes! At four, you have the brightest smile, the sweetest laugh, and the most precious little voice Iโ€™ve ever heard. At three, you adorably mispronounce  dozens of words that Iโ€™ll always cherish.

But four is not like three, in a lot of ways. I see the baby face slowly slipping away. I see the mispronunciations slowly correcting themselves. I see you noticing what bigger girls do. You have an opinion about your clothes, your toys and what weโ€™ll do each day.

Four is not like three, but itโ€™s still little. I want you to stay little for as long as possible. I want you to find joy in the little things : in splashing in muddy puddles in Frozen boots, in dressing up head to toe in Princess clothing, and in wanting to spend all your time with Mommy. Get dirty, get sandy, get paint on your clothes. Donโ€™t worry about messing up your โ€œpretty dressesโ€. Mommy will wash them. Mommy loves you, my big four year old. But, youโ€™re still such a little girl.

Love always, Mommy