Home Tour -The Porch

Our house has two entries. One, I call the “real front door” where only solicitors and people we do not know come.

Porch 3-30.jpg

And the other is, I think, the prettier entrance. It’s also the one that people we’ve invited to our house use, so it needs to be pretty :).


We have steps with wrought iron railings that lead to double doors.  I enjoy putting pumpkins and mums out here in the fall but usually just do one geranium in the spring/summer.

The doors both used to have plantation shutters covering them but we couldn’t open the door with the handle we installed so we had to remove one set.

We painted the ceiling “haint blue” to keep the haints away :)…and because it’s pretty!

porch 3-302.jpg

I used this bench with storage for outside toys that used to sit outside my Dad’s office. We have all the basics in here – chalk, bubbles, sand toys and the like. It keeps them bug free and stored away for playtime.

I also have my grandmother’s wrought iron table, where we used to have many a summer meal outside in her backyard, #memories.

porch 3-303.jpg

I got these green awning stripe pillows last year at Lowe’s. I would really love to replace them with black and white stripe but I went all around Mt. Pleasant today for some and there were none to be found! So – I sucked it up and cleaned the pollen off of these.

porch 3-304.jpg

I picked this table up at Hobby Lobby last year. I liked the shape of it and figured I’d paint it. I’m still considering painting it either glossy black or white so stay tuned. It’s wooden so I think I could spray paint it pretty easily. What do you think?

I added some ferns for some color and they do pretty well here until around Halloween.

I have hooks for some hanging plants but haven’t done that in the 3 years that we’ve lived here.

I’d like to add something above the bench and I’ve always thought about painting it glossy Charleston Green. That color is almost black so not sure how that would look with a black table too?

We don’t sit out here a ton because it’s Charleston and we have about 6 months of 90+ degree temperatures and that gets old pretty quickly. So, when I get home, I usually want to go inside in the air conditioning. It’s nice for Spring before the mosquitoes come out and in the winter :).

So – that’s our porch!


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