Living with Animals

In Bunny Williams’ Scrapbook for Living, she has a whole chapter devoted to “living with animals”, so this isn’t a new topic. But it’s one that many people deal with and are unsure how to protect furniture and keep things tidy and looking nice.

The same can be said for “Living with Kids” and if anyone has that figured out – let me know! Cause my house sure isn’t always clean with a 3 year old :).

Bunny says on pg. 166, ” If you let animals on sofas and chairs, as we do, protect your furniture. Find fake-fur throws to cover the seat and back of a sofa…that blends with the colors of your room. Make the protection look like part of the decoration. No one wants to sit on a sofa or chair with old sheets thrown over it”.

Finally, I took this to heart a few weeks ago and snatched up a $24.99 fake fur throw at Homegoods that goes perfectly with my sofa and is so super snuggly so Connor and Gigi fight over it. Looks like I’ll need to get her one too!

It would be lovely if my couch always looked like this…

 But 99% of the time, it looks like this.

We also followed Bunny’s advice and have a little doggie bed under our foyer table, but he really prefers the sofa and sits there most of the time.

Connor has also ruined his share of nice duvets and comforters so when he’s on the bed, he gets his own blanket – my husband’s Marine Corps poncho liner. Easy to clean and dig around in – which he loves.

I bought him some plates from Target that go with our color scheme – so if they get left out, at least they look cute.

His toys go in a basket and he knows to go to it and knock it over when he wants to play! He may be 12 but he still plays like a puppy! 🐶

What’s your favorite tip for living with – and decorating around pets? Any others I should know?



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