New Sideboard – Let’s Style It!

My parents came down to see us this weekend and brought some presents with them! My birthday isn’t until May but when they saw this sideboard (I think it’s a sideboard?! – that’s what I’m calling it anyway :)) in an antique store – they sent pictures and bought it for me once I approved it! I think it is so cute and looks great in the room.

It gives us 3 drawers and 2 big compartments for toys and other things in the living room – which is awesome.

I’ve been looking at a few inspiration photos and here’s what I like so far.

Here’s my first attempt at styling. I probably won’t buy anything for it right away. My favorite thing to do is “shop my house” and look for things that I’m not currently using in other rooms or something that just doesn’t fit. Then, once I’ve seen what I can do with what I already have – I can usually narrow down what I am missing and will need to buy. Then, I write it down in my notebook so I can be on the lookout- is that weird?


I think it need something tall on the floor on the right side -what do you think?

I love it and know I’m going to have fun styling it with the seasons!


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