Master Bedroom Finale

Ok guys, I know. A 3 part series – but hopefully this will be the last one and will help pull it all together.

So, if you follow me on Instagram – @sneefarmcharm – you’ve seen these pictures already.

Here’s the center of the bedroom now.

My cabinets and rug are from Ikea and my headboard was made by my husband and needs to be recovered. I think I’ll stick with the same fabric to redo it.

Here’s the real problem : I think we put the furniture in the wrong place…

So – I love a bookcase and for me, seeing that when I first walk in and making that the focal point of the room really makes sense to me.

However, that means that the bed had to go on the other wall. Which means we need to install an outlet and that the bed is centered on the windows – not on the wall.

So, there’s room for a nightstand on one side, but not on the other. What do I do?

I figure I have 2 options.

Leave it like it is and do the following:

  • Add in some sconce lamps like these next to headboard
  • Get the mirrored nightstand on one side and find a tall garden stool/something nested for the other side.
  • Maybe get a skinny mirror cut and framed to balance out the mirror on the other side of the bed?


Or…I can completely move the furniture around and do something like this –

  • Get 2 mirrored nightstands
  • Get 2 fun lamps (I’m thinking with a custom – look drum shade)
  • Put up curtains on either side of the bed
  • Get outlets installed on the opposite side of the room to plug in TV

Whichever way I choose:

I am going to mount the TV on the wall and add a gallery wall effect ala Bunny Williams and the SL Idea House in Charlottesville Va.

My only other question is if I don’t re-arrange the furniture, what do I do about curtains? I feel like curtain on all 4 windows is too much and doesn’t make sense if they don’t frame the bed. What do you think?

Should I re-arrange the furniture? My husband will be thrilled :). Leave your thoughts in the comments below!



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