Bedroom Updates – On A Budget


I thought it might be fun to talk about what you can do in a room for certain price points.

My friend has asked me for options for her master bedroom – so, really, this is for you – you know who you are :).

There is already a beautiful headboard, night tables, mirrors and plantation shutters – so a pretty great start already!

Here’s what you can do for less than $250!

Hang those mirrors about halfway in between the night table surface and the top of the headboard.

Add a fun, long piece of abstract art like these options from Ballard Designs on the headboard. This is on sale for $189 and I would hang it on the long edge. Or let me paint you one like it for way less! πŸ™‚


Here’s a few Etsy options too…


These are on sale for $50 – maybe a series of 3 above the headboard – they are all original works of art. Also – her set of postcards looks lovely.  Some of those hung with a bit mat in a gold frame and then the rest of the collection in another part of the room in a grid would be so cool!


So depending on the art chosen – you would have about $100-$150 dollars left.

I’d update the fixture in the room and scour Homegoods for some fun pillows to go with the existing bedding.

This one from Wayfair is only $132.99 and I think it has a great look!


Wayfair Chandelier

shades of light1.png

This Shades of Light galvanized metal chandelier is pretty neat and very “Fixer Upper” looking.

I do live in South Carolina so I also think sometimes you need to just put a ceiling fan in your bedroom and move on :). Pick the least ugly one and enjoy that when it’s 90+ degrees for 6 months of the year!

I can’t stop myself from plugging these awesome $34 Elements by Erin Gates pillows. I love the greek key so much! I haven’t seen them yet in my HomeGoods but have spotted the lamps so I am hopeful. Find them online here!


If you had a budget of $500, I think I would add a more expensive light fixture and some curtains over the windows.

For a bit more of an investment in lighting – these two lanterns are very cool.


Darby Home Chandelier – Wayfair $433


Birch Lane $242.

I would get some light cream/white drapes from any store (JC Penney, Target, etc) and then buy a complimentary fabric by the yard and have a 2.5-3in trim sewn on the inner edge for a custom look. Here’s the general idea from Pinterest.


These Spoonflower fabrics would look great in a neutral room – prints on cotton fabric start at $17.50/yd. Depending on window height, you may need 3 or so yds.

For a bigger budget of $1,000+ , I would add some x benches or 1 long x bench at the end of the bed. These are some great options from Ballard!

Here’s some inspiration for the whole room look.

You could pick any of these several options to fit your budget and prioritize your purchases by what is most important to you.

What elements would you pick to update your bedroom?






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