Home Tour -The Porch

Our house has two entries. One, I call the “real front door” where only solicitors and people we do not know come.

Porch 3-30.jpg

And the other is, I think, the prettier entrance. It’s also the one that people we’ve invited to our house use, so it needs to be pretty :).


We have steps with wrought iron railings that lead to double doors.Β  I enjoy putting pumpkins and mums out here in the fall but usually just do one geranium in the spring/summer.

The doorsΒ both used to have plantation shutters covering them but we couldn’t open the door with the handle we installed so we had to remove one set.

We painted the ceiling “haint blue” to keep the haints away :)…and because it’s pretty!

porch 3-302.jpg

IΒ used this bench with storage for outside toys that used to sit outside my Dad’s office. We have all the basics in here – chalk, bubbles, sand toys and the like. It keeps them bug free and stored away for playtime.

I also have my grandmother’s wrought iron table, where we used to have many a summer meal outside in her backyard, #memories.

porch 3-303.jpg

I got these green awning stripe pillows last year at Lowe’s. I would really love to replace them with black and white stripe but I went all around Mt. Pleasant today for some and there were none to be found! So – I sucked it up and cleaned the pollen off of these.

porch 3-304.jpg

I picked this table up at Hobby Lobby last year. I liked the shape of it and figured I’d paint it. I’m still considering painting it either glossy black or white so stay tuned. It’s wooden so I think I could spray paint it pretty easily. What do you think?

I added some ferns for some color and they do pretty well here until around Halloween.

I have hooks for some hanging plants but haven’t done that in the 3 years that we’ve lived here.

I’d like to add something above the bench and I’ve always thought about painting it glossy Charleston Green. That color is almost black so not sure how that would look with a black table too?

We don’t sit out here a ton because it’s Charleston and we have about 6 months of 90+ degree temperatures andΒ that gets old pretty quickly. So, when I get home, I usually want to go inside in the air conditioning. It’s nice for Spring before the mosquitoes come out and in the winter :).

So – that’s our porch!


Above the Couch…

When we got our new living room sideboard, I knew I wanted to move the lowcountry “swamp” picture from over the coach to over the sideboard and I think it looks great there!

But now, the space above the couch is bare. I have a few ideas for what I want to do – most of them being some type of grid.

I really love these inspiration photos from Mrs. Howard (Phoebe Howard).

I already have a mirror over the mantel so I don’t feel like another mirror would work there.

I looked over the gallery at the Ballard Blog/Design website How to Decorate and I liked these photos too. I thought about trying to paint one of these diptych canvases. I really like the idea of the coral and think because I live near the beach I can pull that off year round – maybe? πŸ™‚

I really loved the asymmetrical grouping here too from How to Decorate.

ballard living2

What do you think? What is above your couch?

Living with Animals

In Bunny Williams’ Scrapbook for Living, she has a whole chapter devoted to “living with animals”, so this isn’t a new topic. But it’s one that many people deal with and are unsure how to protect furniture and keep things tidy and looking nice.

The same can be said for “Living with Kids” and if anyone has that figured out – let me know! Cause my house sure isn’t always clean with a 3 year old :).

Bunny says on pg. 166, ” If you let animals on sofas and chairs, as we do, protect your furniture. Find fake-fur throws to cover the seat and back of a sofa…that blends with the colors of your room. Make the protection look like part of the decoration. No one wants to sit on a sofa or chair with old sheets thrown over it”.

Finally, I took this to heart a few weeks ago and snatched up a $24.99 fake fur throw at Homegoods that goes perfectly with my sofa and is so super snuggly so Connor and Gigi fight over it. Looks like I’ll need to get her one too!

It would be lovely if my couch always looked like this…

 But 99% of the time, it looks like this.

We also followed Bunny’s advice and have a little doggie bed under our foyer table, but he really prefers the sofa and sits there most of the time.

Connor has also ruined his share of nice duvets and comforters so when he’s on the bed, he gets his own blanket – my husband’s Marine Corps poncho liner. Easy to clean and dig around in – which he loves.

I bought him some plates from Target that go with our color scheme – so if they get left out, at least they look cute.

His toys go in a basket and he knows to go to it and knock it over when he wants to play! He may be 12 but he still plays like a puppy! 🐢

What’s your favorite tip for living with – and decorating around pets? Any others I should know?


Friday Insta Faves -St. Patty’s Day Edition

These aren’t all green this week but there is definitely some green in there for St. Patrick’s Day. Let’s go!

This bedroom design by @elizabethbauerdesign posted by @alexandrawooddesign is so beautiful! Love the framed botanicals and the blue and white theme!

@luxemagazine posted this dining room – I adore the statues and the mirror.

This piazza from the Charleston Symphony Orchestra League’s Showhouse with Traditional Home was designed by @catherinemaustindesigns is everything a Charleston porch should be!

I loved the green pattern mixing pillows in this @restylesource photo.

@crlaine – I’m loving the fabric on the chair.

@bygloriagonzalez posted this bedroom with a garden stool, library lamp, and balloon valance – classic and lovely.

@ladolcevitablog – this looks like the ultimate summer poolside brunch table.

Green – wallpaper, pillows, x benches yes! @rsw_interiors

@designediaries1 – I really like the modern art with the b&w collection.

This guest room by @parkerkennedyliving – dalmation print + green and toile drapes – yessss.

@diffmiller posted her awesome living room – gorgeous!

Country Life Magazine does not disappoint my country house loving heart.

@parkerkennedyliving again – wallpaper, rose medallion, burnt bamboo – yes yes yes!

Beautiful foyer posted by @verryrobin_co

And last, @charlotte_annefidler – her beautiful English country house – wisteria and whimsy – I love every post from her!

And that’s it for your Friday.

Check out my post – on painting my dining room green – for some more green inspiration for the holiday!


New Sideboard – Let’s Style It!

My parents came down to see us this weekend and brought some presents with them! My birthday isn’t until May but when they saw this sideboard (I think it’s a sideboard?! – that’s what I’m calling it anyway :)) in an antique store – they sent pictures and bought it for me once I approved it! I think it is so cute and looks great in the room.

It gives us 3 drawers and 2 big compartments for toys and other things in the living room – which is awesome.

I’ve been looking at a few inspiration photos and here’s what I like so far.

Here’s my first attempt at styling. I probably won’t buy anything for it right away. My favorite thing to do is “shop my house” and look for things that I’m not currently using in other rooms or something that just doesn’t fit. Then, once I’ve seen what I can do with what I already have – I can usually narrow down what I am missing and will need to buy. Then, I write it down in my notebook so I can be on the lookout- is that weird?


I think it need something tall on the floor on the right side -what do you think?

I love it and know I’m going to have fun styling it with the seasons!

Friday Insta Faves 3.10.17

Sometimes I feel like Instagram is the new Pinterest – especially with the save feature. I love saving pictures from feeds that are just plain beautiful or are inspiring for my own home!

@the_bleu_rabbitt is hashtagging #BringOnTheBunnyLove. I have a stone bunny in my yard so I’ll be participating.  He sits there all year too, not just in spring.

The next two photos are some amazing blue and white from @juliocesarlimaudia and @lacefield_ reposting from @housebeautiful.

Love some tape trim and love the choices here from @ellebrightdesigns of this Lee Jofa trim. I saved it to look them up!

I saved this photo from @zdesignathome to check out her blog for this post on her wingback chair makeover. I have 2 wingbacks that I need to recover or do something with so I am going to check that out today!

I love a bar cart and this one is simple yet festive from @barcartsupply

This Chippendale lantern is everything from @lowcountry_originals

@Collins_interiors posted this photo of some of my favorite things : shelves, mantle, blue and white, gold frames, sconces.

I thought this wallpaper was amazing from @lonnymag

Duralee posted this beautiful blue and green – some inspiration for my dining room.

I saved this post from @markdsikes because he’s coming to Charleston this week! Eeek – I want to go!

Green dining room + Bunny Williams – yes please @ tnesom

@tracizeller posted this beautiful blue and white living room – gorgeous!

I liked this neutral look by @peonypartydesigns and I think I’ll join the hastag party for #yourdecorstyle.

Last but not least, this @traditionalhome post – beautiful room and surprise – blue and white :).

What was your favorite save from Insta this week?

Spring Bar Cart

I updated my bar cart in my dining room for spring. It isn’t officially spring but apparently we’re hitting 80 here tomorrow so it sounds like it’s here in Charleston!


We are not big drinkers (I don’t like wine – shocking, I know!). So I thought I’d do a fun bar cart that is more reflective of things I love…books, fun antique salt and pepper shakers, azaleas from the yard and a cute bunny plate.

I’ll probably add some festive Easter decorations after the middle of the month and I’ll share when I do.

Do you decorate for the seasons?


A Few Spring Yard Updates

I’m not one to hurry away the winter but it seems in Charleston, spring has sprung. Or rather, it has never left. We didn’t have much of a winter this year but that doesn’t keep me from being excited about the spring flowers.

I wanted to get my hayrack out of the garage and back on my front porch with some early spring flowers to bring a bit of color to the yard.

I wanted pansies but Lowe’s didn’t have any – so petunias it was! Gigi said purple so that is what we got :).

I stuck with the cardinal rule of a filler, a spiller, and a thriller. My usual combination throughout the year is something tropical and spikey in the back, variegated ivy for the spiller and then a fun colored annual for the filler. I stuck with petunia’s now but will fill in with geraniums as it continues to get warmer.

I had a few left over so I also put a few in the ground.

I couldn’t resist the pretty pink geraniums so I got a few for my porch container.

I also added a new re-blooming azalea to the backyard in between the trees.

I bought some dense shade grass seed and put that down to try to get some grass to grow back there. I really want to try to work on my back yard this year and get it looking nice!
Here’s a few inspiration photos for you.

This beautiful arrangement was from our local garden store, Abide-A-While. It isΒ a beautiful store and they are always so happy to help! I plan on researching other shade plants and ground cover and going back there to ask them what to buy. Love patronizing a local place!

Master Bedroom Finale

Ok guys, I know. A 3 part series – but hopefully this will be the last one and will help pull it all together.

So, if you follow me on Instagram – @sneefarmcharm – you’ve seen these pictures already.

Here’s the center of the bedroom now.

My cabinets and rug are from Ikea and my headboard was made by my husband and needs to be recovered. I think I’ll stick with the same fabric to redo it.

Here’s the real problem : I think we put the furniture in the wrong place…

So – I love a bookcase and for me, seeing that when I first walk in and making that the focal point of the room really makes sense to me.

However, that means that the bed had to go on the other wall. Which means we need to install an outlet and that the bed is centered on the windows – not on the wall.

So, there’s room for a nightstand on one side, but not on the other. What do I do?

I figure I have 2 options.

Leave it like it is and do the following:

  • Add in some sconce lamps like these next to headboard
  • Get the mirrored nightstand on one side and find a tall garden stool/something nested for the other side.
  • Maybe get a skinny mirror cut and framed to balance out the mirror on the other side of the bed?


Or…I can completely move the furniture around and do something like this –

  • Get 2 mirrored nightstands
  • Get 2 fun lamps (I’m thinking with a custom – look drum shade)
  • Put up curtains on either side of the bed
  • Get outlets installed on the opposite side of the room to plug in TV

Whichever way I choose:

I am going to mount the TV on the wall and add a gallery wall effect ala Bunny Williams and the SL Idea House in Charlottesville Va.

My only other question is if I don’t re-arrange the furniture, what do I do about curtains? I feel like curtain on all 4 windows is too much and doesn’t make sense if they don’t frame the bed. What do you think?

Should I re-arrange the furniture? My husband will be thrilled :). Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


Friday Insta Faves 3.3.17

I skipped last week but now I’m back with Friday Insta Faves. Here’s my faves from this week…

mk_interiors posted a #FridayFoyers in which I can’t wait to participate. It is my favorite room!

@athoughtfulplace – love the buffalo check pillow and beautiful coffee table.

The trays on the wall in this photo are my favorite! @designdiaries1

@domaininteriors_mtp always has some great ideas

Love the mirror and parsons table with nailheads in this photo by @smpliving

This looks like handpainted wallpaper – amazing!

@paigeminear – blue and white forever

I’ve always loved pink – @designwithpenny – beautiful cheerful room

@deringhall – I’m a sucker for a bone inlay furniture piece

I loved this pattern mixing on the curtain tieback

Blue and white and chinoiserie – yes, please!

@elevengables – beautiful handpainted powder bathroom.

I love this neutral and black and white bedroom by @randigarretdesign

Books are my fav!

This wallpaper is everything – @rebeccaatwooddesigns

@schumacher1889 – does everything right.

Dream living room posted by @theglampad

This green and navy bedroom is beautiful. And I love the pelmet.

I thought this twin bedroom was lovely – neutral bedding and beautiful wallpaper.

Give me a foyer and I’m there @ericrossinteriors

Love this bench by @shaunsmithstyle

Love this bookcase #shelfie by @leblancdesign

Amanda Louise Interiors always has such fun color inspiration

And last, the master of blue and white is @markdsikes!

What were some of your faves on Instagram this week? Is there an amazing design account I need to follow? Leave it below!