Bedroom Part Deux – The Other Nooks

I did not anticipate a 3 part series on the bedroom but here we are already on part Deux!

That way, at least, you aren’t reading a 3k word diatribe on my master bedroom in one sitting.

Next to the desk nook area, I have the entry door and this painting that John bought in Guatemala. I really like it and it brings some color to my pretty neutral room. Not sure what else to do here since this is where the door swings open andΒ also where my laundry drying rack sits most of the time – #momlife.

On the other side of the room are two more windows and this fun chest I bought at Page’s Theives Market for a steal. I love the woodwork and it provides me with some much-needed storage. On top is my jewelry box and a fun porcelain hand that holds my costume jewelry.

Beside the chest is this chaise lounge. It was in my room at our old beach house and I was so excited when my Mom said I could have it. I feel like a chaise is such a fancy lady thing to have in your room. If only I had a telephone table and a cup of tea to go with it! I need to either recover or maybe slipcover it in a white/cream linen? Thoughts? Do they make slipcovers for chaise lounges? Most often, whatever book I am currently reading is on there I do like to sit and relax on the weekends on it – looking out the window.

I am not sure if I should add curtains in here or not? I have 4 windows and curtains on all 4 seems excessive but just on 2 seems weird. Thoughts??

That’s it for the part deux! Here’s a few Pinterest photos for inspiration…



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