I always think, “Oh, if I just had $__, then I could finish my whole house in one fell swoop.”

But then I’d miss the fun of constantly working on a room, on a project, on an idea. To me, a house is never really done. So, I’m sure if it was magically “done”, a few weeks later I’d tweak this, move that, re-paint that piece of furniture.

I love classic pieces and pieces with character. I would much rather have pillows made than buy them at Pottery Barn – and often it’s cheaper than the $65 a pillow they charge!

Here’s a few high/low comparisons of things I’ve added in my house. Most of the time, I pick the low option :). Every now and then there’s something I can’t duplicate or something I really want and for that I’ll splurge. But I’d rather save where I can!


High: Buy your books on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, even Target for $10-$45 a pop.

Low: Get you some hardbacks at Goodwill! You can’t beat $1.50-$2 per volume, especially when you need 30 of them for your bookshelves. Plus, if I’d bought my books new, I wouldn’t have this 1956 book on flower arranging that I framed pages from or this vintage book on Princess Diana.



High: Pottery Barn, custom made, Ballard Designs etc.


These two will set you back 2k and $800 respectively – with less storage than what I have!

Low: Ikea. This is the Hemnes bookcase and sideboard. I knew I wanted the built in look in my bedroom but didn’t want to pay full price. We got the whole set for under $800 and it was totally worth it. I love the glass which cuts down on dusting and the concealed storage is great for a bedroom. 

Hello Halloween pillows!



High: Name any catalog source you wish! PB -you crazy with your $80 pillow with no insert!

2017-02-20 (2).png


Low: usually custom pillows are cheaper, and the plus is no one else has them. Also – Homegoods can have some awesome ones as well. You can buy cheaper curtains (JC Penney has a great selection of heave lined ones) and add in patterned panels or a fun tape trim for a custom look.


High: Buy your art, commission a piece.

Low: Frame pictures, snapshots, sayings you love, hang your wedding china, pages from books, pressed leaves and flowers, diy your own. Some of the framed things I love most in my house are things I’ve made.

We have also collected art from places we’ve traveled so every time I see this little painting on the foyer shelf, I think of our funny gondolier in Venice and how we ate street pizza almost every day.


High: Buy a fancy coordating set. They are gorgeous! I love this one from Ballard, or this one from Restoration Hardware.

Low: Buy a matlasse coverlet from your favorite store. They have them at Target, Homegoods, TJ Maxx – even Walmart. Splurge on some cool pillows (or have some made) and a contrasting comforter at the foot of the bed. You’ve saved by not buying professionally coordinated bedding, put your own spin on the look, and you can update it whenever you want relatively inexpensively. I have a down duvet underneath my matlesse and that is what we sleep under every night, but the coverlet is what makes it look nice.

And also if you just can’t live without the look from your favorite store, buy the shams or pillowcases and get the same look for a fraction of the price!

What’s your favorite high/low score?






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