Monday Pinspiration and Project Updates

Happy Monday! 

I was hoping to be super productive this weekend a share a few completed projects with you but looks like they will take a bit longer than planned! I’ll share some updates on a few I have in the queue as well as some inspiration photos I’ve been loving! 

The 1st project is hanging curtains over the laundry nook. I imagined a bar and hemming the curtains myself.

Then my husband went at it with a crowbar and adding new molding. That escalated quickly! Looks like this one hour project became 4! 

I had a bit of free time on Saturday morning so I decided to work on my living room. I wanted to frame some botanicals and found this book on flower arranging from the 50s. The pictures were pretty and the price was right – so I went with it! It might not be forever but I love finding budget pieces to frame and they sometimes end up being my favorites. These frames were also recycled from our old house’s gallery wall. 

I am really happy with the finished product! 

Next, I hoped to find some fabric and finish up my Ikea Latt table update but didn’t get there in time on Saturday. 

Heres my inspiration photo. I’ve painted the chairs already as well. 

We did get this bamboo shade up in the kitchen! Next steps are a new light fixture and (hopefully!) granite this spring! 

Heres a few more Pinterest photos that I’m looking at for inspo this week-all for multiple projects! 

Happy Monday! Hope your projects went well and I hope to have some finished updates for you next week! 


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