I am Traditional…

I always enjoy that last page in the Traditional Home magazine where they profile either a designer or a celebrity who is traditional. I think Traditional style can mean a lot of things today.

If I had to assign percentages to my style, I think I’d go 80% Traditional/English Country, 10% coastal, 5% modern, 5%Joanna Gaines :).

Those may not be the clearest of explanations, so I’ll let Pinterest help a girl out.

Traditional/English CountryΒ to me means: gilded picture frames, chintz and animal print and stripes, cozy upholstered furniture, inlaid wood pieces, dental molding, framed family pictures and coats of arms, furniture that you didn’t buy but that was passed down in your family, demitasse collections and plates hung on the wall, tassels on pillows, bookcases full of books, frames and plates, oriental rugs, and blue and white and other Chines export porcelain. The first pic below is my mom’s powder bath because it’s so good :).

My 10% coastal is owing to the place where I live. I do love soft blues, palm trees, and the Charleston single style house.

My 5% modern and 5% Joanna Gaines really comes from my love of grey, stripes, ikea, nailheads, magnolia leaves, and brass and gold.

I love watching Fixer Upper, following Emily Henderson and Amber Interiors, and a lot of the people I follow on Instagram have that farmhouse style. While I don’t think it fits my house and my style, I really love it and love seeing what they do with it.

So that’s me and my style.

*All images, except the powder bathΒ via Pinterest.

What’s your style?


5 thoughts on “I am Traditional…

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