The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the biggest budget busters in a house.

We’ve tried to do our best with diy and upgrades but the time is coming for new countertops. I think we’re planning on this spring but first we have to replace our 15 year old a/c unit – #priorities.

When we first bought this house it was, “Welcome to 1979, we’re glad you’re here”. It had an elevated (weird) laminate floor and the same countertops and cabinets that were here when it was built.

We painted the cabinets BM Decorators White and upgraded the pulls with hardware from Lowes.

We also added a stock Lowe’s cabinet for extra storage. I had some glass cut to put on top to protect it – knowing we’d eventually add granite in here.

We also painted the walls and backsplash area BM Palladian Blue and added glass to the two cabinets.

The kitchen also has this eat in area that we made into our playroom for all of Gigi’s toys. This gives them all a place to live and not take over our living room.

Apparently in 1979, laundry rooms were not a thing. We’ve been trying to decide what to do here – how to cover it up. We’ve looked at doors and curtains and decided to go with curtains.

I got some curtains from Lowe’s and hemmed them with hem tape.Β  We need to get a dowel cut since the metal rod we got for the first try was bent by the weight of the fabric and the hooks. I think they blend with the overall colors and make it not so noticeable but it’s still functional to do laundry because we definitely do at least a load a day.

Our first year here, we had a leak under the kitchen floor and had to replace it so we picked this tile from Lowe’s. It’s discontinued now but I love it. We wanted to do a hexagonal pattern but since they were discontinuing the color, we couldn’t get enough. I love it but I will say the grout is hard to clean.

We aren’t going to replace the cabinets or do some big reno, mostly because we don’t have the budget for that and aren’t sure we’d get it back when we sell. So, I’ll make do with my tiny drawers – seriously -what could you fit in there? Were kitchen tools just smaller in the 70’s?

But I’m most excited to get some granite in here. I absolutely love the look of marble but I’m afraid of the staining and the upkeep. #Aintnobodygottimeforthat.

I also do like the quartz that looks like marble but I think I’d always be unhappy that I didn’t get real stone so granite it is.

I’m about 90% on a very light granite. Since the footprint is small, I think the lighter the bigger the space will feel. I do love a black and white kitchen but I think what we’re looking for here is a bigger feeling. ** Next two images below from Pinterest.

I also removed the plantation shutters, much to my Mother’s dismay. I think it makes the kitchen feel bigger. We have a bamboo roman shade to put up but I’ve also been thinking fabric.

I also wanted to add some architectural details to update the woodwork – some wainscoting and corbels. I love these shelves that were original so I’m been working on styling these.

I think we’ll do a light backsplash either in white on white subway tile or herringbone Carrera marble. I think that will tie in the grey tile floors.

Here’s some inspiration photos from Pinterest – which ones do you like best?


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