The Foyer

Before we bought this house and had a formal foyer, this room in Bunny Williams An Affair with a House was always one of my most bookmarked inspirations.

Something about walking into a beautifully designed room really sets the tone for the house.

As you walk in the double doors, you’ll see the round table first. We just moved it out from the wall and I think it looks much better in the space.

This lovely [insert sarcastic remark here] light fixture came with the house.

I’m planning to replace it this spring. Here’s a few ideas I’ve pinned. I’m really leaning towards a wooden bead chandelier in a neutral tone. My 2d choice is a lantern – probably in a silver or oil-rubbed bronze.

This chest has been in my house for almost 10 years. It’s been used as a china cabinet, full of wedding china and silver and is now a bookcase and storage for all my seasonal décor.

I have never used the secretary part of the chest but am thinking it makes sense in this room.

Next, Mom and I re-styled the table by the kitchen  entrance and I’ve always loved the shelf above the table.

This hall tree has been a favorite of mine since my 1st college apartment. It’s often way messier than this since we both work and have a three year old, so I love it for its beauty but also functionality. I had to take a screenshot from my own Instagram account since I got a new phone and apparently didn’t save this picture to my computer :(.

This last corner of the foyer is a functional place without much styling. I need to work on this area.

My main area of focus for this room will be wall when you walk in. I love this idea from Erin Gates.

I bought an old picture frame for $15 on Facebook and plan to get some mirror cut for it. Then, I think I’ll add three pictures on each side – using some of the colors in the rug – botanicals or maybe some framed pressed leaves?

I’m thinking I can complete this room for less than $500. The light fixture I really want is $350 so if I go with my 2d option or if I can get one cheaper that budget could go down significantly.

You can’t go wrong with either of these inspiration photos – Mark D. Sikes and Bunny Williams together. Yes, please!

I already love the progress we’ve made and it makes me smile when I walk in the door after a long day. That’s what home is supposed to feel like :).



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