Bedroom Part Deux – The Other Nooks

I did not anticipate a 3 part series on the bedroom but here we are already on part Deux!

That way, at least, you aren’t reading a 3k word diatribe on my master bedroom in one sitting.

Next to the desk nook area, I have the entry door and this painting that John bought in Guatemala. I really like it and it brings some color to my pretty neutral room. Not sure what else to do here since this is where the door swings open andΒ also where my laundry drying rack sits most of the time – #momlife.

On the other side of the room are two more windows and this fun chest I bought at Page’s Theives Market for a steal. I love the woodwork and it provides me with some much-needed storage. On top is my jewelry box and a fun porcelain hand that holds my costume jewelry.

Beside the chest is this chaise lounge. It was in my room at our old beach house and I was so excited when my Mom said I could have it. I feel like a chaise is such a fancy lady thing to have in your room. If only I had a telephone table and a cup of tea to go with it! I need to either recover or maybe slipcover it in a white/cream linen? Thoughts? Do they make slipcovers for chaise lounges? Most often, whatever book I am currently reading is on there I do like to sit and relax on the weekends on it – looking out the window.

I am not sure if I should add curtains in here or not? I have 4 windows and curtains on all 4 seems excessive but just on 2 seems weird. Thoughts??

That’s it for the part deux! Here’s a few Pinterest photos for inspiration…



To the Trade…

“To the trade” is a phrase that makes me cringe a little. Not because I think it’s bad when things are exclusive or that working designers shouldn’t get a price break + commissions from items they source for their clients. It’s more because I know it’s not accessible and often it’s exactly what I’m looking for for a particular project.

I thought it might be fun to look at some “to the trade” only items and find comparables that us mere mortals can buy :).

Stark Antelope Rug/Carpet

I feel like this one of the ultimate to the trade item. I lust after this rug and this is so beautiful, timeless, and a super fun twist on the ubiquitous leopard (which, let’s be honest, I’m also a super big fan of).

2017-02-24 (2).png

Ballard does a good antelope rug in a myriad of sizes. If they only had it in a grey coloway it would be in my bedroom right now. I did buy a swatch once – here that is because I’m a hoarder.


Duralee Trim

Ya’ll know from my The wrong shade of green? post that I wanted to add some curtains with a fun trim. Maybe a greek key? I went to a local fabric shop and found the cutest Duralee brand one. See below.

They quote me the price of $62.50 per yard. Umm folks, just no.

So, I hopped over to Etsy and found this- which I will promptly be ordering. $17.50/yd – still pricey but muuuuch  better!

Etsy Tape Trim

Schumacher Fabrics and Wallcoverings

These fabrics are gorgeous! And their wallpaper is to die for. But there are tons of sources that can give you the same look without using a designer.


2017-02-24 (4).png

Thibault also has some gorgeous stuff. It looks like it is more readily available – but you still need to go through a design center or fabric store.  My mom has this in her guest bathroom.


There’s even removable wallpaper now – which is pretty neat and great for those who rent or who just don’t want to fully commit to paper – because that stuff is a pain to get off!

2017-02-24 (6).png

How fun is this Spoonflower fabric for a boy nursery! πŸ™‚

And Ballard has Imperial Trellis – which I love in any room.




Lighting is another place where it seems like the pros have all the hookups. Urban Electric Co and Robert Abbey are beautiful.

But Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, online store/VA based Shades of Light and even your local lighting store are bound to have the look you want! Also – don’t overlook places like Joss and Main or One Kings Lane for discounts.

I think today you don’t have to have a designer to have access to the designer-grade resources – you just have to hunt a little bit. And, for me, the hunt is half the fun!






A Tale of Two Foyers & Inspiration

My friend has a beautiful newly built house – that I’ve yet to see in person – gotta get on that. πŸ™‚ She asked me for advice about her foyer area and sent some pictures of the space.

I decided to try to draw what I think would work there- knowing the things she likes. I am not professing to be a fancy artist or technical drafter – but I think it conveys my idea.

I’ve also posted below some of my favorite foyers from Pinterest. I have an entire board devoted to this subject – it’s safe to say its one of my favorite rooms in any house!

My other friend just bought a lovely Arts and Crafts-style house with amazing woodwork and a cool foyer. Her style is a bit different from mine so it was fun to think up some ideas for her too! Here’s my rendering for her space  and some options for her.

What is your favorite room in a house? Do you love a foyer too?


I always think, “Oh, if I just had $__, then I could finish my whole house in one fell swoop.”

But then I’d miss the fun of constantly working on a room, on a project, on an idea. To me, a house is never really done. So, I’m sure if it was magically “done”, a few weeks later I’d tweak this, move that, re-paint that piece of furniture.

I love classic pieces and pieces with character. I would much rather have pillows made than buy them at Pottery Barn – and often it’s cheaper than the $65 a pillow they charge!

Here’s a few high/low comparisons of things I’ve added in my house. Most of the time, I pick the low option :). Every now and then there’s something I can’t duplicate or something I really want and for that I’ll splurge. But I’d rather save where I can!


High: Buy your books on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, even Target for $10-$45 a pop.

Low: Get you some hardbacks at Goodwill! You can’t beat $1.50-$2 per volume, especially when you need 30 of them for your bookshelves. Plus, if I’d bought my books new, I wouldn’t have this 1956 book on flower arranging that I framed pages from or this vintage book on Princess Diana.



High: Pottery Barn, custom made, Ballard Designs etc.


These two will set you back 2k and $800 respectively – with less storage than what I have!

Low: Ikea. This is the Hemnes bookcase and sideboard. I knew I wanted the built in look in my bedroom but didn’t want to pay full price. We got the whole set for under $800 and it was totally worth it. I love the glass which cuts down on dusting and the concealed storage is great for a bedroom. 

Hello Halloween pillows!



High: Name any catalog source you wish! PB -you crazy with your $80 pillow with no insert!

2017-02-20 (2).png


Low: usually custom pillows are cheaper, and the plus is no one else has them. Also – Homegoods can have some awesome ones as well. You can buy cheaper curtains (JC Penney has a great selection of heave lined ones) and add in patterned panels or a fun tape trim for a custom look.


High: Buy your art, commission a piece.

Low: Frame pictures, snapshots, sayings you love, hang your wedding china, pages from books, pressed leaves and flowers, diy your own. Some of the framed things I love most in my house are things I’ve made.

We have also collected art from places we’ve traveled so every time I see this little painting on the foyer shelf, I think of our funny gondolier in Venice and how we ate street pizza almost every day.


High: Buy a fancy coordating set. They are gorgeous! I love this one from Ballard, or this one from Restoration Hardware.

Low: Buy a matlasse coverlet from your favorite store. They have them at Target, Homegoods, TJ Maxx – even Walmart. Splurge on some cool pillows (or have some made) and a contrasting comforter at the foot of the bed. You’ve saved by not buying professionally coordinated bedding, put your own spin on the look, and you can update it whenever you want relatively inexpensively. I have a down duvet underneath my matlesse and that is what we sleep under every night, but the coverlet is what makes it look nice.

And also if you just can’t live without the look from your favorite store, buy the shams or pillowcases and get the same look for a fraction of the price!

What’s your favorite high/low score?





Friday Insta Faves 2-17

I really enjoy looking back on Fridays at things I’ve saved over the week. Then, I delete and start over. Let’s go!

@leilaniryder posted this photo just the morning but I love it! The blue and white, the buffalo check and the books! Design here is by alexahamptoninc

I loved the piping on this sofa by @citrineliving

@bygloriagonzalez posted this mirror, sconces and plates – all things I love!

@colin_awg has the loveliest account with everything English. I really enjoy following him.

Pink, pattern mixing and again with the buffalo check – yes please @paigeminear

donuts and that beautiful countertop – a match made in heaven by @theposhome

@ericrossinteriors – I love the colors in this photo and the design – event the curtain tiebacks are perfect but not matchy.

@elpetersondesign posted this photo by @amdolcevita – neutral but still really interesting.

I love the pelmet and the custom ottoman, even the lamp @juliocesarlimaudia

@garrowkdesigns – love any sketches of rooms. I saved this one as it looks a lot like my living room  – maybe a future project?

anything by @markdsikes wins

love the wallpaper and chandelier by @stonecottagehome

Meganmartincreative posted her lovely living room and also some lovely thoughts here. the pop of pink is just perfect and I love her gallery wall and the leopard pillows on the couch.

Bedroom Part One – Desk/Vanity Nook

My master bedroom is one of those rooms that has puzzled me for a while. I knew I would paint it Revere Pewter (Benjamin Moore) before we moved in and I knew I would use my mom’s chaise lounge and my matelesse coverlet for the bed and that was it!

We don’t have an office in this house so we have a few office “nooks” around the house.

The one in my bedroom serves as a vanity for me as well as a place for me to write. I’ve been working on a children’s book for a while and have been wanted a comfy chair and place to sit and work/edit my book.

I painted this old Pottery Barn x back chair that used to be in our dining room. It has always been comfortable and I thought the height and the x detail would look good in this corner. I used “Paris Grey” by Annie Sloan and ended up adding about 1/4 tsp of “Emperors Silk” to it to cut the blue tone. I think I should have gone with a more greige/brown tone so I think I’ll be repainting. I haven’t added the wax on it yet so should be easy to repaint.

This piano desk has been in my room since my 1st college apartment. I love all the drawers and how you can flip the top down if it’s messy.

I have my makeup in vintage sugar and creamers from my grandmother’s wedding set. I also use one of those for writing pens. The makeup mirror is not beautiful but it is necessary! 

I love to sit here and research, edit, and re-write my book.  

The rest of the nook is my fake fiddle leaf fig (I didn’t even try a real one in our dark house) and some mirrors I got from Homegoods for 7.99. They are plastic but look like good Ballard fakes from far away.

You’ll notice that I didn’t get rid of the mother of pearl inlaid garden stool from HomeGoods. While it didn’t look good as a bedside table (my original idea), I think it looks cute here under the window with some books stacked on top-books are my favorite accessory to style!

Here’s a few fun pictures from Pinterest that I’d love to use for inspiration. Definitely think I need a lamp! 


Monday Pinspiration and Project Updates

Happy Monday! 

I was hoping to be super productive this weekend a share a few completed projects with you but looks like they will take a bit longer than planned! I’ll share some updates on a few I have in the queue as well as some inspiration photos I’ve been loving! 

The 1st project is hanging curtains over the laundry nook. I imagined a bar and hemming the curtains myself.

Then my husband went at it with a crowbar and adding new molding. That escalated quickly! Looks like this one hour project became 4! 

I had a bit of free time on Saturday morning so I decided to work on my living room. I wanted to frame some botanicals and found this book on flower arranging from the 50s. The pictures were pretty and the price was right – so I went with it! It might not be forever but I love finding budget pieces to frame and they sometimes end up being my favorites. These frames were also recycled from our old house’s gallery wall. 

I am really happy with the finished product! 

Next, I hoped to find some fabric and finish up my Ikea Latt table update but didn’t get there in time on Saturday. 

Heres my inspiration photo. I’ve painted the chairs already as well. 

We did get this bamboo shade up in the kitchen! Next steps are a new light fixture and (hopefully!) granite this spring! 

Heres a few more Pinterest photos that I’m looking at for inspo this week-all for multiple projects! 

Happy Monday! Hope your projects went well and I hope to have some finished updates for you next week! 

Friday Insta Faves 2.9.17


Hey girl, hey! It’s Friday! Lots of amazing stuff on Insta this week. I tried to make this week’s a bit more manageable and only picked what would fit in a screenshot.

So here we go!

First up, this beautiful office of Victoria Press in Vogue UK, posted by @tnesom.

@randigarrettdesign shows a beautiful grey bedroom – something I’m working on right now.

I loved the wallpaper and that gorgeous pop of pink in the pillow fabric in this photo from @designersguild.

Dream foyer from @lovefordesigns

@countrylifemagazine – English Country House dreams.

Loved this wallpaper shot from @pencilandpaperco and those shoes are too cute!

@mckoyinteriors posted this gorgeous grey/greige butlers pantry shot from Pinterest.

Love this tape trim and fancy holdback from @juliocesarlimaudia

#blueandwhiteforever from @verandamag. Never get tired of it. Ever.

That’s it – hope you have a great Friday!

I am Traditional…

I always enjoy that last page in the Traditional Home magazine where they profile either a designer or a celebrity who is traditional. I think Traditional style can mean a lot of things today.

If I had to assign percentages to my style, I think I’d go 80% Traditional/English Country, 10% coastal, 5% modern, 5%Joanna Gaines :).

Those may not be the clearest of explanations, so I’ll let Pinterest help a girl out.

Traditional/English CountryΒ to me means: gilded picture frames, chintz and animal print and stripes, cozy upholstered furniture, inlaid wood pieces, dental molding, framed family pictures and coats of arms, furniture that you didn’t buy but that was passed down in your family, demitasse collections and plates hung on the wall, tassels on pillows, bookcases full of books, frames and plates, oriental rugs, and blue and white and other Chines export porcelain. The first pic below is my mom’s powder bath because it’s so good :).

My 10% coastal is owing to the place where I live. I do love soft blues, palm trees, and the Charleston single style house.

My 5% modern and 5% Joanna Gaines really comes from my love of grey, stripes, ikea, nailheads, magnolia leaves, and brass and gold.

I love watching Fixer Upper, following Emily Henderson and Amber Interiors, and a lot of the people I follow on Instagram have that farmhouse style. While I don’t think it fits my house and my style, I really love it and love seeing what they do with it.

So that’s me and my style.

*All images, except the powder bathΒ via Pinterest.

What’s your style?

The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the biggest budget busters in a house.

We’ve tried to do our best with diy and upgrades but the time is coming for new countertops. I think we’re planning on this spring but first we have to replace our 15 year old a/c unit – #priorities.

When we first bought this house it was, “Welcome to 1979, we’re glad you’re here”. It had an elevated (weird) laminate floor and the same countertops and cabinets that were here when it was built.

We painted the cabinets BM Decorators White and upgraded the pulls with hardware from Lowes.

We also added a stock Lowe’s cabinet for extra storage. I had some glass cut to put on top to protect it – knowing we’d eventually add granite in here.

We also painted the walls and backsplash area BM Palladian Blue and added glass to the two cabinets.

The kitchen also has this eat in area that we made into our playroom for all of Gigi’s toys. This gives them all a place to live and not take over our living room.

Apparently in 1979, laundry rooms were not a thing. We’ve been trying to decide what to do here – how to cover it up. We’ve looked at doors and curtains and decided to go with curtains.

I got some curtains from Lowe’s and hemmed them with hem tape.Β  We need to get a dowel cut since the metal rod we got for the first try was bent by the weight of the fabric and the hooks. I think they blend with the overall colors and make it not so noticeable but it’s still functional to do laundry because we definitely do at least a load a day.

Our first year here, we had a leak under the kitchen floor and had to replace it so we picked this tile from Lowe’s. It’s discontinued now but I love it. We wanted to do a hexagonal pattern but since they were discontinuing the color, we couldn’t get enough. I love it but I will say the grout is hard to clean.

We aren’t going to replace the cabinets or do some big reno, mostly because we don’t have the budget for that and aren’t sure we’d get it back when we sell. So, I’ll make do with my tiny drawers – seriously -what could you fit in there? Were kitchen tools just smaller in the 70’s?

But I’m most excited to get some granite in here. I absolutely love the look of marble but I’m afraid of the staining and the upkeep. #Aintnobodygottimeforthat.

I also do like the quartz that looks like marble but I think I’d always be unhappy that I didn’t get real stone so granite it is.

I’m about 90% on a very light granite. Since the footprint is small, I think the lighter the bigger the space will feel. I do love a black and white kitchen but I think what we’re looking for here is a bigger feeling. ** Next two images below from Pinterest.

I also removed the plantation shutters, much to my Mother’s dismay. I think it makes the kitchen feel bigger. We have a bamboo roman shade to put up but I’ve also been thinking fabric.

I also wanted to add some architectural details to update the woodwork – some wainscoting and corbels. I love these shelves that were original so I’m been working on styling these.

I think we’ll do a light backsplash either in white on white subway tile or herringbone Carrera marble. I think that will tie in the grey tile floors.

Here’s some inspiration photos from Pinterest – which ones do you like best?