Weekend Styling

My parents came down for the weekend and we did the usual – eat out, play with Gigi, and shop for, decorate, and style the house!

We got a lot of things accomplished and it feels good to keep moving.

I knew I needed more books for the foyer bookcase so we headed to Goodwill. You can’t beat hardbacks for less than $2 and I needed a lot. We took an entire cartload home and actually ran out.

We worked on styling the foyer with our new books and moved around the (small) Blue Canton that I have been collecting for a few years now.

I also wanted some Euro shams for my bed. I was flipping through Elements of Style and looked at her bedroom section. I was pretty sure that I was light on pillows and that is why the bed just didn’t look right. We hit up HomeGoods to score pillows and baskets for my bookshelves.

I also found a really cute hand knotted Persian rug at GDC in Mt Pleasant. We just went in there to look but found the rug and it was a deal for $60! I think it helps along the bathroom :).

I feel like I made some good progress this weekend but also feel like it’s made me have a bit of design ADD. I’m now thinking about other rooms and getting off track of my original plan to focus on the living room.

As I look at the foyer, it seems like the most done room so not sure if I should focus my energies/money there for the time being? I’ll do an overview of that room next!

That’s what happens when you have an older house and lots of rooms to decorate!


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