DIY Boxwood Topiary

I was at home a few weeks ago to see the snow – something we don’t really get here in Charleston. My mom has a very well-designed house and I always learn great tips from her.

I asked her about her boxwood topiary and she told me how she made hers. She’s great with recycling, making things herself, and re-using items from other houses and it always turns out great.

So – let’s make one together!

Here’s what we need….

  • Boxwood plant/bush etc.- if you have one in your yard like I do – you’re good! Or do you have a friendly neighbor you can borrow from??
  • Small pot. Mine is a planter I am reusing from an orchid I killed from Trader Joes. Recycling is good!
  • Small floral ball. I got this one at Michael’s for $3.50 (with the coupon). The one I got was called “wet foam” and the stems went into it really easily.
  • Small Foam circle to go in bottom of the pot. I got a pack of 2 for $2 also at Michael’s.
  • A stick – preferably from your yard picked by your 3 year old.:)
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Filler of your choice – Spanish moss, green moss, etc.

So right now – our total investment should be less than $6 dollars.

First, if you love the color of your pot – you can skip this step!

I stuck with the grey for now, but may spray paint it gold depending on where in the house it ends up. Because #cantstopwontstop. Valspar Brilliant Gold is the best ever gold. A silver or bronze would look great and I also really like the terra cotta look too.

Next, add both flat circles of foam into your pot, cutting around it if you need to make it fit. No need for it to be perfect. We won’t see it.  Insert your stick into both pieces of foam.

Then, take your boxwood sprigs and take a few leaves off the bottom so that they stick into the foam ball and aren’t going to fall out. Mine were roughly 1&1/2-2 inches. Cover the foam ball. I used a lot of boxwood stems – probably more than you think. I went back for stems 3 times and gathered about this much every time.

I cut them from the back of the plant so you’ll never see it from the front.

Bonus Points if you’re doing this on your front porch at nap time with your favorite treat and a baby monitor! 🙂

Keep placing the stems until the foam is completely covered. I did not go nuts with making sure they were all uniform. I think it looks more natural if they are laying different ways and different lengths. I did put the longer stems at the bottom and shorter ones at the top.

Connor stared at me from the foyer for most of the project.

Once your foam ball is covered –  you’ve got the cutest budget topiary you’ve ever seen!

Also – be prepared for this thing to fall over as you’re covering it – it gets heavy. I just kept sitting it back up.

When the ball was completely covered, I hot glued all around the stick into the foam so it would stay upright. I think I used a whole glue stick for that!

Lastly, cover to the top of the pot with toppings of your choice. I chose Spanish moss because I also have a plethora of this in my yard. I froze it first in a plastic bag to make sure there were no bugs :). The moss  in the floral department at Michaels or Hobby Lobby would be great too!

You can also trim to your desired shape. If you want it to look more uniform or like the ones in the store, just trim with scissors. I kept it natural and I’m liking it!

Here’s the magical part – when your boxwood leaves start to turn brown, cover up the stick and pot with plastic wrap and secure with painters tape. Now, spray paint your leaves green. Your floral ball is already green so it should work perfectly.

It should last as long as any dried flowers last – months if not years. Hope you enjoy and I’d love to see the ones that you make!

I’ll do an update once I make it to the last step. I didn’t want to wait to share this cute & cheap diy topiary with y’all.


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