The only real rule…

bunny quote.png

My ultimate design inspiration – Bunny Williams – says it best here. If you love something, it will work. That’s the only real rule.

I try to think about this whenever I bring something into my house or re-use something I already have to re-style a room.

When I think about the things in my house that I love, I think about the chaise lounge in my bedroom that I’m going to recover in a gray fabric but that it sat in my old room at our family’s beach house during my college years.


When I think about those white chairs I’m trying to recover as well (and WHY can’t IΒ pick the rightΒ fabric), I think about sitting in those chairs every Christmas at my grandmother’s house, opening presents and spending time with family.


When I look at my desk/makeup table in my room, I remember that it was in my first college apartment and first condo during law school. I studied and played with makeup a lot at that table!

The rug in my living room was beneath my feet growing up in our breakfast area where we ate dinner together as a family and where I did homework in middle and high school.


We now eat dinner on my grandmother’s dining room table, which at her house was only for special occasions. At our house, we eat in the dining room every night – since there is no where else currently to eat and I love using the notorious “room that never gets used”.

My husband made my nailhead headboard for me after he saw how much they cost on Pottery Barn! πŸ™‚


As we put clothes in my daughter’s hamper every night, I remember seeing it in my grandmother’s pink and white tiled bathroom upstairs when we’d have spend the night parties at her house. I’m recovering the top for the 2d time to match her room but the white wicker is still there and in perfect condition. And as I turn out her light, I look up at my grandmother’s chandelier and smile.

gigi chandelier.jpg

When I look at the things on my walls, they are pictures I’ve painted, books I’ve read as a child in my daughter’s room, memories I’ve made with my family and some family members that I’ve lost.

It may not be the perfectly decorated house that I aspire to yet, but it’s full of things that I love today. And that’s something to be proud of too!



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