Living Room Part 2 – Inspiration


graphic 1-17.png

Let’s all drool over London designer Stephanie Dunning’s living room featured in Country Life magazine. This is my dream living room. I love the purple, the sconces, the layering, the cozy fire – yes, please!



From Country Life Magazine


I also love this I saved from the Southern Living Instagram last year. I think some black and white framed birds or antique botanical prints would look so cute under my sconces!

pictures under sconces.PNG

I also hopped over the Pinterest and started pinning some inspiration. I found this for the blank wall space beside the window. I think maybe I need a bigger piece of furniture there, a lamp and some accessories. I’d love to use what I have and that drop leaf table does extend but I think a bigger piece would work.

living rm pin.PNG

I also put together a few Bunny William’s inspiration photos and a photo I loved from Suburban Bees. I’d love to do some type of diy artwork like the picture above the mantle. I also love the styling of the table in the middle HGTV photo. Apparently I’m into blue and white :).


Overall, my plan is to hang a picture on the bookcase by the window (a picture of which I omitted but it’s over on Instagram!), possibly add an overhead light fixture, add black and white frames under the sconces, recover the chairs, buy an antique or junk store piece of furniture for that blank wall and do a lot of picture hanging. I also want to work on a diy art piece. I’m excited to focus on this room first and try to complete the look!


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