Weekend Styling

My parents came down for the weekend and we did the usual – eat out, play with Gigi, and shop for, decorate, and style the house!

We got a lot of things accomplished and it feels good to keep moving.

I knew I needed more books for the foyer bookcase so we headed to Goodwill. You can’t beat hardbacks for less than $2 and I needed a lot. We took an entire cartload home and actually ran out.

We worked on styling the foyer with our new books and moved around the (small) Blue Canton that I have been collecting for a few years now.

I also wanted some Euro shams for my bed. I was flipping through Elements of Style and looked at her bedroom section. I was pretty sure that I was light on pillows and that is why the bed just didn’t look right. We hit up HomeGoods to score pillows and baskets for my bookshelves.

I also found a really cute hand knotted Persian rug at GDC in Mt Pleasant. We just went in there to look but found the rug and it was a deal for $60! I think it helps along the bathroom :).

I feel like I made some good progress this weekend but also feel like it’s made me have a bit of design ADD. I’m now thinking about other rooms and getting off track of my original plan to focus on the living room.

As I look at the foyer, it seems like the most done room so not sure if I should focus my energies/money there for the time being? I’ll do an overview of that room next!

That’s what happens when you have an older house and lots of rooms to decorate!


DIY Boxwood Topiary

I was at home a few weeks ago to see the snow – something we don’t really get here in Charleston. My mom has a very well-designed house and I always learn great tips from her.

I asked her about her boxwood topiary and she told me how she made hers. She’s great with recycling, making things herself, and re-using items from other houses and it always turns out great.

So – let’s make one together!

Here’s what we need….

  • Boxwood plant/bush etc.- if you have one in your yard like I do – you’re good! Or do you have a friendly neighbor you can borrow from??
  • Small pot. Mine is a planter I am reusing from an orchid I killed from Trader Joes. Recycling is good!
  • Small floral ball. I got this one at Michael’s for $3.50 (with the coupon). The one I got was called “wet foam” and the stems went into it really easily.
  • Small Foam circle to go in bottom of the pot. I got a pack of 2 for $2 also at Michael’s.
  • A stick – preferably from your yard picked by your 3 year old.:)
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Filler of your choice – Spanish moss, green moss, etc.

So right now – our total investment should be less than $6 dollars.

First, if you love the color of your pot – you can skip this step!

I stuck with the grey for now, but may spray paint it gold depending on where in the house it ends up. Because #cantstopwontstop. Valspar Brilliant Gold is the best ever gold. A silver or bronze would look great and I also really like the terra cotta look too.

Next, add both flat circles of foam into your pot, cutting around it if you need to make it fit. No need for it to be perfect. We won’t see it.  Insert your stick into both pieces of foam.

Then, take your boxwood sprigs and take a few leaves off the bottom so that they stick into the foam ball and aren’t going to fall out. Mine were roughly 1&1/2-2 inches. Cover the foam ball. I used a lot of boxwood stems – probably more than you think. I went back for stems 3 times and gathered about this much every time.

I cut them from the back of the plant so you’ll never see it from the front.

Bonus Points if you’re doing this on your front porch at nap time with your favorite treat and a baby monitor! 🙂

Keep placing the stems until the foam is completely covered. I did not go nuts with making sure they were all uniform. I think it looks more natural if they are laying different ways and different lengths. I did put the longer stems at the bottom and shorter ones at the top.

Connor stared at me from the foyer for most of the project.

Once your foam ball is covered –  you’ve got the cutest budget topiary you’ve ever seen!

Also – be prepared for this thing to fall over as you’re covering it – it gets heavy. I just kept sitting it back up.

When the ball was completely covered, I hot glued all around the stick into the foam so it would stay upright. I think I used a whole glue stick for that!

Lastly, cover to the top of the pot with toppings of your choice. I chose Spanish moss because I also have a plethora of this in my yard. I froze it first in a plastic bag to make sure there were no bugs :). The moss  in the floral department at Michaels or Hobby Lobby would be great too!

You can also trim to your desired shape. If you want it to look more uniform or like the ones in the store, just trim with scissors. I kept it natural and I’m liking it!

Here’s the magical part – when your boxwood leaves start to turn brown, cover up the stick and pot with plastic wrap and secure with painters tape. Now, spray paint your leaves green. Your floral ball is already green so it should work perfectly.

It should last as long as any dried flowers last – months if not years. Hope you enjoy and I’d love to see the ones that you make!

I’ll do an update once I make it to the last step. I didn’t want to wait to share this cute & cheap diy topiary with y’all.

Friday Insta Faves! 

It’s Friday again! I’m looking forward to a fun weekend with family and doing some decorating! I’ll be sure to update my Instagram and let you guys know what we get up to!


I have another round of Friday Insta Faves – sharing what I’ve saved to my Insta page from feeds this week.

Love this foyer shot from @zush. Blue and white, the rug, the stripes! It reminds me of my friend Melissa’s foyer – Miss – let’s do this in your new house!

@amandalouiseinteriors is always a bright spot in my feed with color. Books and pillows – what more could you ask for?!

This living room shot from @cghomeinteriors looked so clean and serene. Love it!

Next, I saved this shot from @theconcordfarmhouse. Love the buffalo check and styling here – so fun!

@westelmcharleston love that pineapple lamp -perfect for nursery or a pair in a funhou foyer?

This pic from @frontgate – I love the chairs and the table. Looks like a perfect spot for coffee and homemade doughnuts

@houseandgardenuk the blue and white everything!

@dunesandduchess kills it with this table. Those chairs are amazing too. I love the look and the laquer finish.

Love this Ballard photo – they can do no wrong with me.

I really liked the coastal vibe of this @yvonnechristensendesign photo. That blue wall color is beautiful.

@megcoxgardens – love the styling here and the art – makes me want to paint!

And last, but not least, this shot by housebeautiful. The colors, the mirror, the rug, the wallpaper – want!

That’s a wrap on insta faves for this week! I love this new feature in Instagram and being able to easily find images that inspired me this week!

The wrong shade of green?

When we found this house, my mom and I started working on the color scheme. We did a lot of red in my last house and I wanted to move away from that. I picked out a few paint colors that I absolutely wanted to use and we decided that our color theme would be blue/green/navy with white accents.

I pulled this inspiration photo from Southern Living at the time as how I wanted my dining room to look. We searched for the right paint color. The article cites the color as “shadesof wheat” from Pantone.

2017-01-25 (2).png*Photo from Southern Living Pinterest page, January 2014

We ended up with “Hint of Lime” from Valspar on the walls.

Some days, I think it’s cool to have a lime green dining room and other days I think – should we tone this down a little? 🙂


I loved the ikat fabric for the chairs and the palm prints I’ve had since my first condo. The bar cart is fun to style for the seasons and I love seeing my wedding china every time I walk into the room. My daughter eats and paints here so we haven’t put any furniture other than the Disney sort in the other corner.

I think the room could use another long table, perhaps sideboard- style and definitely some curtains. I’m thinking heavy white curtains with some green trim – greek key maybe – ala Erin Gates?

2017-01-25 (3).png

*Photo from Pinterest. Design ideas and more at my favorite design blog, Elements of style!

I’ve also been thinking about painting the chairs white. I’ve been eyeing an indoor/outdoor seagrass or neutral rug for the floor. Indoor/Outdoor because I do have a preschooler and a dog!

Here are a few options from Ballard that I like! I’m digging that zebra one but maybe I already have a lot going on in here?

There’s been a lot of design talk on Instagram and also on blogs that I follow about the 2017 Pantone color of the year – Greenery. I think my color is a bit more limey-yellow than Greenery but maybe this makes me on trend? That is rare for me with my traditional style :).


I think I’ll make some updates like the above and then decide once and for all about the color. What do you think?? 🙂

The only real rule…

bunny quote.png

My ultimate design inspiration – Bunny Williams – says it best here. If you love something, it will work. That’s the only real rule.

I try to think about this whenever I bring something into my house or re-use something I already have to re-style a room.

When I think about the things in my house that I love, I think about the chaise lounge in my bedroom that I’m going to recover in a gray fabric but that it sat in my old room at our family’s beach house during my college years.


When I think about those white chairs I’m trying to recover as well (and WHY can’t I pick the right fabric), I think about sitting in those chairs every Christmas at my grandmother’s house, opening presents and spending time with family.


When I look at my desk/makeup table in my room, I remember that it was in my first college apartment and first condo during law school. I studied and played with makeup a lot at that table!

The rug in my living room was beneath my feet growing up in our breakfast area where we ate dinner together as a family and where I did homework in middle and high school.


We now eat dinner on my grandmother’s dining room table, which at her house was only for special occasions. At our house, we eat in the dining room every night – since there is no where else currently to eat and I love using the notorious “room that never gets used”.

My husband made my nailhead headboard for me after he saw how much they cost on Pottery Barn! 🙂


As we put clothes in my daughter’s hamper every night, I remember seeing it in my grandmother’s pink and white tiled bathroom upstairs when we’d have spend the night parties at her house. I’m recovering the top for the 2d time to match her room but the white wicker is still there and in perfect condition. And as I turn out her light, I look up at my grandmother’s chandelier and smile.

gigi chandelier.jpg

When I look at the things on my walls, they are pictures I’ve painted, books I’ve read as a child in my daughter’s room, memories I’ve made with my family and some family members that I’ve lost.

It may not be the perfectly decorated house that I aspire to yet, but it’s full of things that I love today. And that’s something to be proud of too!


Friday Insta Faves! 

It’s Fri-Yay!

I thought it would be fun to share what I’ve saved from Instagram this week. I love this new Saved feature. I no longer have to take a screenshot and save to my camera roll-just click the tab and all those photos are there!

I loved the wallpaper and the colors in the molding from the first two pictures by  @lorsontim.

Picture#3 was saved from @nataliereddell. Loved the wall paper, the green and purple – everything!

Next,headboard in #4  – gorgeous!- by @thelistbyhouseandgarden.

@modernsouthstudio posted a beautiful abstract painting that makes me itch to get my brushes out.

#6 by @coastalhamptonstyle was all about that rug.

I fell for this light fixture in #7 posted by @designershay.

@megancarn posted the cutest flamingo painting that would look just precious in G’s room.

Next, @arrowsandbow – I loved the light in this room, the subway tile, the black sink and the bunny lamp.

@kellynan posted the cutest tabletop vignette with a picture from the Charleston market.

Of course, @Countrylifemagazine – the living room featured is amaaaazing.

and Finally, last but not least, this pink pineapple wallpaper from domino has me like :). It looks happy and would be perfect for a fun powder room or little girls room.

These are just a few of the accounts that I follow on Instagram but are some of my favorite pictures/inspiration of the week. Do you have a favorite feed that I need to follow? Leave it below – I’d love to check it out!



Living Room Part 2 – Inspiration


graphic 1-17.png

Let’s all drool over London designer Stephanie Dunning’s living room featured in Country Life magazine. This is my dream living room. I love the purple, the sconces, the layering, the cozy fire – yes, please!



From Country Life Magazine


I also love this I saved from the Southern Living Instagram last year. I think some black and white framed birds or antique botanical prints would look so cute under my sconces!

pictures under sconces.PNG

I also hopped over the Pinterest and started pinning some inspiration. I found this for the blank wall space beside the window. I think maybe I need a bigger piece of furniture there, a lamp and some accessories. I’d love to use what I have and that drop leaf table does extend but I think a bigger piece would work.

living rm pin.PNG

I also put together a few Bunny William’s inspiration photos and a photo I loved from Suburban Bees. I’d love to do some type of diy artwork like the picture above the mantle. I also love the styling of the table in the middle HGTV photo. Apparently I’m into blue and white :).


Overall, my plan is to hang a picture on the bookcase by the window (a picture of which I omitted but it’s over on Instagram!), possibly add an overhead light fixture, add black and white frames under the sconces, recover the chairs, buy an antique or junk store piece of furniture for that blank wall and do a lot of picture hanging. I also want to work on a diy art piece. I’m excited to focus on this room first and try to complete the look!

Living Room Part One – The Before…


Welcome to my living room!  When we first looked at this house, this was one of the rooms that I was really excited to decorate. I would call it my most “finished” room but I’m still looking to make some updates. This is the view from the kitchen/eat-in dining area (that we use as a playroom :)).  My parents gave us the rug and I think it really works with the pillows and ottomans. Not sure if I’ll keep it forever but it is perfect for now! Those white chairs were my grandmother’s and have never been recovered. We added a custom pillow for some pattern on there but I think they need to be recovered in a fun fabric.


Next view is of the first set of bookshelves. We had these shallow bookshelves made when we first moved in to flank the windows. This room has the most natural light of any room in our house and I love the plantation shutters. I love a styled bookshelf but the bottom 2 shelves are for books, puzzles and everyone’s favorite game – Yeti in my Spaghetti. Seriously, if you have a 3 year old – get it! #momlife.  Gotta keep it real!


We have a brick fireplace and I love styling that by the seasons. I’m in mourning right now for all my Christmas decorations so I need to give this mantle some love this week.

xmas mantle.jpg

I also added birch logs to the fireplace and the ottomans were made by a fabric store in my hometown in North Carolina. Love those!

I’ve thought about replacing those sconces but I love that they are original to the house and I’m really loving the brass!


My husband built this TV stand to go in the corner so we didn’t have to put the TV over the fireplace. I feel like there’s not much I can do here.


Next is the couch. This is an original canvas painting from my grandmother’s house. I think it needs 2 pictures on each side for a grid effect? Also we had these pillows made from the same ikat fabric as the chairs in our dining room. I think it really works with the wall color (Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue).


The final wall section really needs some help :). We bought this painting on our honeymoon in Venice.  It used to be over the fireplace but I recently moved it here. It’s definitely too small for the space but what else to put here? If I do the grid over the sofa, I think too many pictures here will look like too much.

So – that’s it! I think there are some good starts here but definitely some work to do. Would love to hear ideas/thoughts that you have!

Next post will be some inspiration pictures and my makeover plan for this room.


Welcome to my home. I’m glad you’re here.


I’ve always loved pretty things, pretty spaces, pretty collections of books and pictures and things lined up in a row.  I hope this space will be my chance to show you what I’m interested in and what I love. I’d also love the chance to get some feedback, advice, and tips from the community of designers and décor enthusiasts that I have followed from afar until now.

Thanks for stopping by!  I’ll be back soon with an overview of my house and some plans for 2017. It’s the year of #makeithappen and I intend on doing just that.